Gift ideas from Manitoba Etsy shops

30 Nov

If you’re trying to shop local this year, and are missing craft shows, Etsy is a fun place to check out.

There are so many great choices right in Manitoba, for all kinds of gift ideas.

Here are just some of the ones I found that I thought were neat. Won’t be able to list all of them of course, but feel free to add your information in the comments.

With Shipping delays and Christmas fast approaching, these are a great option, you can even get them to ship the gifts directly to the recipient. Fun if you just want to treat yourself a little bit too

MamasFabricShop sells fabric, but also a lot of sewn projects. Reusable makeup removers, decorations, masks – and these completely adorable soup bowl cozies.

MyBeautifulStuffShop has lots really beautiful earrings, candle holders and some pretty neat Christmas decorations, like this frosty the covid snowman!

CrescentWoodCrafts has really cool prints and birthday cards. Iconic Manitoba locations like the Nutty Club, St. Boniface Cathedral of course this amazing one of BDI!

AdaBeeArt has a really neat selection, funny prints, beautiful cards, stickers and I absolutely this you are the honey to my Dill shirt!!

HeidiAndSeekBoutique has masks, all kinds of cool holiday sweaters, Christmas stockings, cards and I absolutely love these ugly Christmas sweater scrunchies!

BeesAndGsWaxWraps has a great selection of beeswax wraps. Love all of their choices of prints, this sloth one is just too cute!

BlueJupiterDesigns has really neat earrings to choose from, absolutely lovely variety and all the different styles. These stained glass Dreidel ones are so pretty!

pawandleaf has a really fun selection of prints. Manitoban and Canadian nostalgic type prints, including this awesome honey dill one!!

DivaAndDudesCollarCo has the absolute cutest dog collars, it’s an amazing selection!!Such a fun idea for dog gifts, and absolutely love this baby Yoda one.

These these are just some of the ones I found, if you want to shop local make sure to look up Manitoba made or Winnipeg made and you can also check out the sellers location.

Happy Shopping!!!

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