Gift Card Bonuses!!

9 Dec

For the holidays a lot of restaurants offer incentives for buying gift cards – great idea if you’re buying them for gifts, but also a good idea to buy some for places you know you’ll be going to. Spread your savings that much further even!!

Lovey’s Bbq has a great promotion – buy a $100 giftcard and get a bonus $20 one! For $50 you get $10 extra and for spending $25 you get $5 bonus one!

Subway has buy a $25 card or more and get a free 6 inch sandwich.

Boston Pizza has buy a $50 giftcard and get a free pizza.

A lot of smaller fast food places are having deals too – not listed on their sites yet. And there’s more popping up every day!

Which local restaurants are offering deals like this? If you see one add it to the list 🙂

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5 Replies to “Gift Card Bonuses!!

  1. Is Kelsey’s still around? The one at Polo Park was turned into that beer/brewing place… and the one on Kenaston is a Perkins now.

  2. Burger King is giving a coupon for a free Whopper combo (to be redeemed before Feb 28th) when you buy a 25$ gift card.

  3. The absolute BEST DEAL in Winnipeg right now, in my opinion, Is Oakwood Cafe gift cards. We love this little restaurant that is down Osborne St, towards the St Vital Bridge (right across from the South Osborne Safeway). The greater the amount of gift card you buy, the more of a discount. They have amazing nightly offers too, like 2 burger platters that is $20 on mondays and tuesdays. This place is a gem! I am a customer, I do not know the owners at all, but i have been going to this restaurant for a few years and love the food!
    Merry Christmas everyone!

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