Gift Card Bonuses 2018

by Nadine on November 6, 2018

It’s that time of year already where companies are offering a bonus when you buy a gift card. Perfect if you’re picking them up as gifts – but also a good idea to just check places you normally would go to. Get some bonuses for  money you’d be spending anyway.

I’ll keep updating this one as more and more stores and restaurants go live with their promos – let me know if you see new ones.

  • Cineplex has their Holiday Gift Bundle – buy a $50 giftcard and get a bunch of extra coupons.
  • Red Lobster has buy a $50 giftcard and get a $10 coupon that’s valid in January.
  • Landmark Theatres has a two promos on – get bonus coupons with both.
  • Subway has buy a $25 card and get a 6 inch sandwich for just $1.
  • Bon Appetit has buy a $50 giftcard and get a coupon book worth $175. Valid at Swiss Chalet, Montana’s etc.


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