Get Ready for Samplesource free samples – make sure to register early!

12 Feb

Samplesource samples come out twice a year – March and September. Every year they go fast – they run out usually within a few hours.

The faster you are to sign in, the more samples you’ll get. At the start you might get 15, but an hour later, maybe only 10 and so on.

So, it’s best to register early if you haven’t and make sure your account is all good. It’s all free – but just make sure your address is correct…and the big one, that you haven’t forgotten your password!

When they do go live, I post it right away on my social media and here – if you’re waiting for an email from them, normally it’s sold out or close by the time people get that.

Every single time they do go live, people complain they have never heard of this, they didn’t get a chance to sign in, took too long to make account etc. etc. – so just take a minute now and either make an account or check your account and you’ll have the best odds.

It’ll normally be anywhere from the 12th of March til the end of the month…..

Samples vary from pet stuff, baby stuff, cleaning items – lots of variety. Some will be small sample sizes, you can even get free coupons for full price items too. And remember, if you won’t be using the sample to donate it to a local charity 🙂

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