Gardening to save some money !

24 Jul

What did everyone plant this year? What have you found to be your biggest money saver? I was surprised by ours, it’s zucchini. I’m not the biggest fan of it, but it grows so easily and quickly! It’s versatile, can use it in a meal and also in baking – we made awesome zucchini walnut muffins with our special ingredient – holy crap cereal. They were so good, my daughter still asks for one every day even though we finished them a week ago – time to bake some more! Our lettuce is growing well, but I find I get kind of tired of salads. We had a great 1st batch of radishes but since then the rest have failed – has anyone else heard about planting them under the right moon? My husband has been teasing me about this, but after seeing them in the garden we are thinking my great grandpa might have been right all along!!
Is anyone looking to trade or get rid of anything either? We were lucky to get rid of all of our rhubarb – but I know sometimes people get stuck with too much of one thing, always nice to share or trade.
What do you guys find goes the furthest in a garden? What do you do with the extra?

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