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16 Aug

I got a flyer in my mailbox today for a Huge Garage sale on Sept. 5th in Provencher Park in St. Boniface. I know it’s early to post it up – but I’m posting because they have tables to rent – 20$ for 1 table, 2 for 30$ – bring your own table to get it half price. It will be free to get in, free parking, washroom access and no professionals. They’re expecting over 50 sellers and it’s going to be from 11am to 5pm. To rent a table you can contact Nicolas Audette at 392-2942 or online

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  1. Is this sale for items that I have at home to sell? Example old clothes, kitchen ware, shoes etc. used items.

    Also do the proceeds from the sale go to the Thingycorner?

    • I’m not sure – you’ll have to contact them for more info. From the look of it it seems like you’d buy a table and sell your stuff – proceeds yours.

  2. I participated in a sale like this several years ago – it was indoors in a church hall as a fundraiser for the church, I guess, and was an annual event around April 1st. A friend and I shared rental of a table and sold all kinds of stuff we wanted to have go to new homes. It was a fun event and especially if you don’t want to have it in your own yard and be sure to get lots of potential customers, it sounds like a good deal!

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