Full price coupon giveaway!

8 Feb

We have reached 1500 members on the facebook group so here is the full price coupon giveaway as promised!

One lucky person will win a few full price coupons from my personal stash. To enter, make sure you are a member of our facebook group here – and then just comment with what your favourite fpc ever is!

Contest open to all Canadians and will end Friday Feb. 10th at noon! And wait til you see what the giveaway will be when we reach 2000! I’m excited for that one! Thanks everyone for your continued support and inviting your friends. The facebook group has become so fun, it’s like our own place to go post up our questions, sales etc. I love being able to ask where’s the best place for this or that and get so many good answers! You guys are the best! 🙂

58 Replies to “Full price coupon giveaway!

  1. My favourite fpc wasn’t really a fpc, but, Shoppers had Purex laundry soap on for $3.00 and I had a bunch of coupons for $3.00 off. It was great; haven’t had to purchase laundry soap for months!!

  2. How to choose? I love all FPCs :). I received one for a company due to a terrible product, and was able to redeem for a fantastic bonus pack of products I actually liked…that was a pretty good one! 🙂

  3. My favourite recently was when they had those Mooza cheeses for buy one get one free and I had a coupon for a free one 🙂

  4. Hmmm… I haven’t had that many free ones. I did just get one fir that Philly cooking sauce that I am anxious to try!

  5. My favorites are for the laundry detergent since it lasts so long! Have gotten Purex before and more recently and Arm & Hammer one. Also just got one in the mail today for a free box of K-cups from Timothy’s! Can’t wait to use it.

  6. I have had a few I loved – EnviroCare up to $10 free. Just got the Timothy’s K-cup coupon – just need to find who has the 12 ct boxes since all I can find is 18ct ones. Bacon, fries, Cheese.

  7. I think my favorite are the free coupons you get on other products. Like the coupons for the free drinking boxes when you bought granola bars, or the free bag of shredded cheese for the taco kits. It is nice to get rewarded for buying certain products. Really though any fpc is fabulous!

  8. i’ve never really had any but i’d love to have any, as in our house we have 7 people (all adults) so food is on the expinsive side.

  9. My favourite FPC was for So Good.
    I had not tried it before this and now everyone in the house is a fan of So Good strawberry for smoothies.

  10. Wow,,Im really not sure what FPC was my favorite,,but I loved my FPC for Highliner fish products!
    ksceviour at hotmail dot com

  11. there are so many to choose from..but the latest from Timothys is a winner. free coffee, cereal or anything that is used on a regular basis is a welcome freebie.
    thanx for the great give-away!!!

  12. My fav FPC was 2 coupons for up to $10.00 for Robin Hood flour. It was because of product issue, but I got 2 big bags of flour and didn’t pay a dime as I waited til they were on sale 😀

  13. So far it would be the Philly one that I got the other day. I am excited to try it. My problem is trying to find a store in my town that has whatever FPC I have

  14. I think the only fpc coupon I ever received was for a Lean cuisine which was delicious! I love any coupons that make anything for a baby cheaper!!

  15. My favourite FPC I just received in the mail today! It’s for a free 12 pack of K-Cups – up to $10.49 in value…pretty sweet! 🙂

  16. Can’t choose between the J&J Gift basket or all the 5$ off ice cream from the cereal boxes last summer. Free cold treats was a hit with my family 🙂

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