Free weekend at the Zoo!

23 Sep

This saturday and sunday it’s free to get into the Assiniboine Zoo! 🙂 They’re open saturday from 10-6 and sunday from 10-4.   It’s supposed to be really nice this weekend – can make a day of it and ride the train, check out the kids park etc.

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  1. Just wanted to post and say we went to the zoo on Saturday around noon. It was a fantastic time! We saw the cougar pacing, the parots were talking, the massive Tiger got up from his nap, had a drink of water, climbed up to his post and let out a yawn! It just echoed and vibrated! WOW! And the Eagle decided to take flight! of course the Monkey’s put on a show, they are always entertaining. Anyway, over all I’m super happy we went and it didn’t seem like there was a ton of people considering it was free. The zoo is getting better! I can’t wait to see what they have in store for those bears!

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