Ford Mustang – A modern twist on the classic!

26 May

IMG_20150325_153911 When I was given the chance to test drive the new Mustang I was pretty curious. How would this fare as a family car? Would I even be able to drive it?

Happy to report we had a blast with it, super easy to drive and it’s great for a smaller family for sure! We only have the one kiddo so she had plenty of room in the back, even with a booster.

The one we drove was a 6 speed – for those like me who’ve never driven a 6 speed, reverse is where 1st gear is. And if you’re like me and have no idea what that means and had to google it – it’s super easy, you pull up and it goes into reverse! Super smart, don’t have to worry about accidentally going into reverse which was actually my fear often with 5 speeds.

This car is such a classic – who didn’t grow up eyeing Mustangs and dreaming of one day owning one. The old ones are awesome, but with all the amazing features and drivability of the new ones they’ve won me over! The amount of “Mustang” type details in the car are great too – lots of chrome and horses and great branding that really keep you in that Mustang moment.

This car is great for city and highway. Lots of power to get from 0-100 faster than you can shift, and the 6th gear is perfect for just cruising along. In the city it’s awesome to be able to zip in and out, small enough for tight spaces and powerful enough to have fun while driving. This was just amazing to drive, handles so well, power when you need it – and even at regular speeds it’s still fun. It’s a really different driving experience from any other car.

There really is no better summer car – and they are drivable all year too, just make sure to get winter tires. We actually got snow right after I got this car and with the traction control I had no problems whatsoever with it.

It was way better on gas than I expected for the power it has, fits a family of four comfortably – but it’s perfect for a single person, a second car for a family or for a couple with one or two kids – there’s only 2 seats in the back. There’s plenty of room in the trunk too, way more than I expected.

If you’re in the market for a fun car, or reached the point in your life where you want to fulfill the dream of owning a Mustang go test drive one and see what you think! I love that they’ve gone back to that classic Mustang look – and you’ll be blown away with all the great features they have now and how amazing it feels to drive one!

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