Flyer deals

30 May

Safeway and Sobey’s will both be having 10% off on Tuesday.

Safeway is having their warehouse sale, deals on bigger packs all week.

They have weekend only deals, 5 lb bag of bananas for $3, apple juice is 12 for $6, 2L pop are 5 for $5.

Lots of deals on the big packs, 12 pack of Campbell’s soup for $6, purex is $5 and buy 2 get 30 airmiles, dove shampoo and conditioner 2 pack for $4 – worth looking through and seeing if there’s anything your family buys a lot of, and stock up if it’s a good deal.

They have the cereal deal again, buy 3 Kellogg’s for $12 and get a free 4L milk – and there are tons of cereal coupons out, our store had the $1 ones right by the cereal so only $9 for all that.

Sobey’s  has weekend only deals too, kraft singles slices for $3, peppers for $2 a lb, and ribs for $1.88 lb.

Rest of the week they have Mega points on a lot of items. McCain’s fries are $2 and buy 3 get 200 points. Canned veggies are 4 for $5 and buy 4 get 100 points, kool aid jello is $1 and buy 4 get 100 points, Royale is $5 and buy 2 get 150 points. Worth a look through also, some of those point deals can add up quickly and make it an awesome deal!

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