Family Fun and Safety with the Ford Edge

22 Oct

20150920_115728  The Edge is a vehicle I was already a bit familiar with – my mom drives one so I thought I knew most things about it. The differences on the new one are just amazing though, and shows how really doing your research and figuring out which features are must haves for you is super important.

I knew this was a great highway vehicle, it’s big enough to feel really safe and comfy on the highway. But, it’s an amazing city car too! If you’ve read my previous reviews I’m not the most adventurous driver – I mostly go to the same places over and over again and don’t feel super comfortable driving in new areas I haven’t been to.

With this car I went everywhere and anywhere – there’s so many great safety and performance features on it that it really made me comfortable in unknown parts of the city.

IMG_20150918_151945 One of my favourite new features is the front camera – and this isn’t a plain old camera that records. This camera shows you what is right in front of you when you park – like a bicycle, a kid, a rock etc. There’s 2 options, the front view for parking but also a 180 view that is gigantic. That is so handy when you’re leaving somewhere where you can’t see the people coming – I have one place that I go that I always have to stick the nose out and just slowly creep out and hope the other drivers do the same. With this camera the car showed me who was coming around a corner I was totally blind to!

Perfect for parking, and also just give it a quick tap when you’re leaving – make sure there’s nothing in front of the car – no little animals or something someone forgot. I thought this was a feature I wouldn’t use much when I first heard of it – it turned into one of my faves quickly.

Our school pickup lot is often a zoo, kids everywhere in front and back of the car – this extra bit of safety with the front and rear cameras is great! Think back to when rear cameras came out – and how rarely you now hear of kids or stuff getting run over in driveways.


IMG_20150918_154817 And there’s a lot of room in this car! Enough room for the kiddo to lay completely flat. Another feature I love is that there’s a button in the hatch that lowers the seat. So, you leave the store with your purchases, tap the hatch button to open it, and then tap another button and the seats fold flat…amazing! Tap another button and the hatch closes.

Convenient with kids, and groceries and hauling heavy items.

I found it super easy to drive in the city also – great line of sight, so easy to park – and you can also use the park assist which now does parallel and perpendicular too. I mostly just parked like usual. Our parking spot is pretty tight in our backlane and was able to just zip in and out with the Edge – there’s also about a zillion sensors on this one telling you things like your door is close to the garage, there’s something near your front tire etc.  There’s a picture of the vehicle that pops up on the screen and it shows you the section and by colour how close you are. It’s a great reminder in a tight spot not to swing the door too wide and hit a garage. Especially with kids!


IMG_20150926_154306The Edge seats 5 comfortably and the hatch area is huge – plenty of room for hauling hockey gear, big Costco runs, dogs, furniture, giant pails of rocks like we did when we went to Souris. We also had a picnic lunch in the hatch – which my daughter found to be a lot of fun since it’s not something grandma would allow. The height is great for sitting in the hatch and on roadtrips eating on the road is always a great money and time saver. Nice to have a comfy spot for it.

The gas mileage on the highway and also in the city was really surprising – a lot better than I had expected. It has enough power to do the stuff you need, but you’re barely going through any fuel which is always nice!

You can check out all the features on the Ford Edge online – there are a lot!

I really like this one – it’s great on the highway, great in the city – really comfy for long trips and great for in and out lane changing etc. of the city. And as you can see from the top pic in Souris – you can drive this thing anywhere, even to the absolute middle of nowhere and still have a great trip!

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