Everything you ever wanted to know (and more) about using coupons! :)

2 Nov

I get a lot of emails with questions…lots about how to use coupons, and lots about how to get ahead using them (stockpiling etc.)

I do have the info section (basic info) which answers a lot of the other ones too.  A big one too is always the rules on how to stack at London Drugs ( here ) those rules are straight from the managers so no confusion at all on that part.

Most stores have their coupon rules stated on their websites, always a good idea to take a peek. Better to know their specific rules instead of arguing them out with a cashier….which unfortunately might still happen anyway. I think that’s a big one that people aren’t prepared for, some cashiers just really don’t want to deal with coupons, or have no idea what to do with them. That’s hit and miss, and just part of it. Deep breaths and work through it – if it gets out of hand just ask for a manager.

Where to find coupons? Inserts in your flyers and newspaper (which i will always post up when and what), check your magazines for coupons, look in store for coupon pads – most stores have them. Join a coupon chain (contact me for details), ask friends and family to save theirs for you, check online (i’ll post them up as they come), check when you buy products if there’s a coupon on or in the box – sample people at the stores often hand out pretty good coupons too. And I do a lot of coupon giveaways! That’s a quick way to get a bunch of good ones! I’m lucky the last 3 years (almost) that I’ve been doing this to meet a lot of great people who pass along their coupons to share with you (don’t worry, i’m not going and digging through garbages to find these giveaway coupons – yuck! 😉 )  I always appreciate it, and I’m sure you guys do – part of the fun of using coupons is sharing them with others!

I could go on and on about this….but why not use our resources? 🙂 If you have a question about using coupons, deals etc. post it up – there are hundreds of awesome coupon users ready to help you out. All of them have their different expertise (supermel is awesome with shoppers, catia is a gymboree pro, kari p is a genius with airmiles….i could go on and on about this too!)  My favourite is building a stockpile, not crazy extreme couponing style, but just what your family will use in a reasonable time etc.  Also how to trim the budget (calling companies etc.)

So, ask away – any money saving topic is ok! Don’t be shy!

5 Replies to “Everything you ever wanted to know (and more) about using coupons! :)

  1. I thin my washing machine is pretty much dead …. Or at least there’s a funny smell coming from it….. Any one seen good deals for washing machines? Would it be better to wait for christmas deals?

  2. you can also talk to friends who are realtors – alot of people leave their extra washing machines etc behind for a small price before moving/dont include it with house and you can get a good deal.

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