Esprit Stores closing

15 Feb

The Esprit store at St. Vital Centre is shutting down, and sounds like all the other locations are too in Canada, including the one at Polo Park. Everything in the store is 70% off – there was still quite a big selection at st. vital centre, especially for jeans.

Their website has clothes up to 70% off…might be worth keeping an eye on it, in case it goes up to everything 70% off, there’s a lot left on the site.

2 Replies to “Esprit Stores closing

    • Glad to hear it! Our store hear was pretty cleaned out already, no jackets or anything. I’m glad I got some jeans though, theirs are really nice! They’re clearing out their site even more today, I’m going to keep checking back since now I know my size with them! 🙂

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