Enter to win a $25 Gift card to the Good Local website!! ****CLOSED

18 Nov

The Good Local website is such a neat idea – tons of local products and delivery right to your home.

You can buy from many different vendors and get it all delivered just for $5 shipping!

You you can get food items, gift items, artwork, juice, clothing, jewelry, groceries, special treats… Goes on and on!

I love this idea, and I found it really fun to look through and I know we will be ordering a lot from them for gifts but also just for ourselves.

So, this giveaway is just a treat from me to one of you. It’s not sponsored by anyone, and if you don’t live in Winnipeg and still want to enter, I can gift it to the person of your choice also.

Easy to enter, just comment below with what you would get from the website!

Not doing additional entries for shares or anything like that for this one, but would love if you go share their website or any other local vendor that’s not even on this on your social media. Keep the ball rolling 🙂

Giveaway will be open until November 25th at noon, I will contact the winner and email them the gift card.


***Congrats to Kayla who wins the gift card!

Thanks to everyone that entered!

83 Replies to “Enter to win a $25 Gift card to the Good Local website!! ****CLOSED

  1. I would definitely get some punny pots from Potted. I particularly enjoyed “too fly for a cacti” and “”haha you’re ferny”.

  2. This is an awesome giveaway! Thank you! If I won, I would use the $25 towards Cocoabeans’ chicken tenders and pizza crust mix!

    • There’s so much to order but definitely getting wall art and gifts for Christmas cause malls closed and shipping very reasonable. I would never have known about the website till you posted this and I love supporting local. Thank you 💐

  3. I was just looking through the website the other day and saw a few puzzles that I would LOVE to use the gift card towards. Thanks so much for the opportunity and for all the hard work you do keeping us informed of so many great deals 😊

  4. You never cease to amaze me!!!🥰🥰🥰 Thank you for your generosity. I would LOVE to gift it to a charity as they all could use something extra right now.

  5. Cocoabeans gift card all the way to the heart to my love (Celiac made big limitation of restaurants who guaranty GF food).
    Thank you

  6. I would definitely donate, as I live outside of Wpg. But once they start delivery outside of Perimeter, I’ll be ordering! The plant pots for sure!!

  7. I would stock up on Bothwell Cheese. Has been the treat of the pandemic since I always have it in stock. supply is running out as Stay at Home is in order.

  8. Wow great site.
    Going to be getting some xmas gifts from here.
    I woukd get the Manitoba birch bark bix soap for my granddaughter who has eczema

  9. I think I’d get one of those cute headbands from Off the Hook. Or maybe some kind of food! So many great options to choose from.

  10. So many choices, but these come to mind….Flora and Farmer jams, Bothell cheese, the cute plant pots, maybe a puzzle or two….lots more not coming to mind right now

  11. Thank you for sharing the buy local website , I didn’t know about it but now super excited to buy local products .. feels like shopping a Farmers market !
    I would purchase the bird feeders to keep our winter birds fed. Thank you.

  12. I’d get some of the Taste of Africa Biltong. That stuff is delicious and I haven’t bought it in forever cause I’ve been avoiding markets.

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