Doors Open #Winnipeg 2014

23 May

May 31st and June 1st 2014 it’s Doors Open Winnipeg!

If you haven’t been before, it’s where you get to check out buildings all across the city that you normally might not get a chance to see the inside of. It’s all free, and there’s over 80 sites to check out! A fun, free way to get out and explore the city and it’s architecture – there’s such a big selection too that you can really customize what you want to do.

When you’re planning what to do you can use the site to figure it out in a few ways- there’s maps, you can search by which day you’re going, the area or what kind of buildings you want to see. A great way to explore a new area, or learn more about where you live.

If you’re coming down to St. Boniface there are 5 historic places to check out. They’re all very different from each other and a great selection – lots of history there for sure! And while you’re here check out the new Le Petit Cafe de L’Esplanade for a treat, they’re just opening for the year and will have all kinds of yummy goodies. It’s located at the foot of the bridge, a great place for a coffee/ice cream break! And pop into Constance Popp’s Chocolate Shop too – if you haven’t been it’s amazing and a great local gem! And if you stay for a while, there are tons of good restaurants, Chaise Cafe has their patio open and it’s one of my favourites! A glass of wine and a poutine after visiting historic sites? Best day ever!! That’s my tour of St. Boniface – if people are heading to the other areas what should they check out when they’re done seeing the buildings?

And make sure to wear some comfy shoes! Which buildings have you seen before and which would you recommend? Any tips for those who haven’t been before?



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