Disney Diamond collection winner!!

17 Aug

Congrats to Dana123 who wins the awesome Disney Diamond collection, which includes blu-ray copies of 5 great classics, The Rescuers, Rescuers Down Under, Pocahantas, Pocahantas 2 and the Aristocats!

6 Replies to “Disney Diamond collection winner!!

  1. Hi Nadine,
    Still didn’t get the email. Is there another Dana123 that maybe it wasn’t me?? I also tried contacting you with the “contact me” button the other day, did you receive that? I’m coming into Wpg. next Mon., I could pick up the movies that day if it works for you. Let me know if you want my ph. # to contact. Thanks.

    • I’ve responded to every email – did you check spam folder? all i need is your mailing info, they’re sent out directly from disney.

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