Dine About Winnipeg 2013

12 Jan

Time to line up some babysitters and get ready to try some great Winnipeg restaurants!! 🙂 As part of the Dine About Winnipeg event, a bunch of restaurants are offering 3  course set price dinners across the city. There’s 2 categories, $28 and $36.

Check out their website to see the list of restaurants, and you can even click on them to see the menu. It’s from Feb. 2nd to 12th, and you need to prebook so make sure to do so early so you don’t miss out.

I checked out the menu’s at a few places and it looks great – fun idea for a night out too, as a date night or with friends, family etc.

Which restaurants do you plan on checking out? I’ll be heading out to my local fave Promenade Cafe and Wine – it’s like their menu was written for me – pea soup, beef bourguignon and maple sugar pie! Those are honestly some of my favourite dishes! Last year during the Festival I ate so much pea soup I even scared myself a little! 😉 I can’ t resist it!

I was hoping to see the menu for Peasant Cookery – I’ve been wanting to go there – the menu’s not up yet, hopefully soon. I saw too that Inferno’s can do a vegan option if you let them know in advance. I think I need to stop reading the menu’s though – now I want fondue after reading the Melting Pot menu! 🙂 So many great choices, should be a fun 10 days around Winnipeg.

10 Replies to “Dine About Winnipeg 2013

  1. Where do you make reservations? Do you phone the restaurant directly and let them know that you’re wanting to go for dine about wpg?

  2. I’ve never heard about this before but it looks like a great idea and lots of fun! Do you know if they “alter” their serving sizes ie make them smaller, for this event?

    • Great question, no idea. I’d hope not too much! It’s one of those oddly advertised event I think – only way I heard of it was through twitter…haven’t seen it anywhere else. Such a neat idea though, and nice to have a lot of time to plan for babysitters, or to go for special dinners 🙂

  3. Not sure yet. I think they’ll be four of us going so we’re all going to pick our favorites and narrow it down from there. But I think we’re going for the $28 deals. I’ll let you know once we figure that all out! 🙂

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