Did you know you could get Costco grocery items delivered in Winnipeg?

26 Feb

houreyThere is a new site for grocery delivery in Winnipeg – Hourey.

From what I see on the site, almost all the items (maybe all) come from Costco.

It’s a pretty neat idea for a service, and they have great rates on delivery.

Free delivery on orders over $100 – under that it’s $5. Some areas it’s next day delivery but some areas get delivery in just 2 hours. You can check their maps to see if they deliver to your area, and which service you can get there.

There are 17 sections to choose from – things like fruit and veggies, frozen food, pet supplies, meats etc.

Some of the prices are very similar to what you’d pay in the store – some seem a little bit high, but makes sense when you’re getting it delivered. Great for those without a membership or who don’t want to drive there.

There’s also a deal of the week section with some sales that are instore also.

What do you think of this idea? Nowhere on the site does it say it’s from Costco, not sure how Costco would feel about this site? What do you think of it and would you use a site like this?

10 Replies to “Did you know you could get Costco grocery items delivered in Winnipeg?

  1. Whoever it is with that Costco card must be making one heck of a rebate check every year if they are successful through this site!!!

  2. Hi !This is Openo ,CEO & Founder of Hourey.ca . Thank you so much for reporting our website 😉 Costco is only first step of the great future we are building . we want to put the whole cite online where you can check the inventory , business hours , deals and location of any store in the city ,also you can shop anything in any store online and get delivered within hours. lastly thank you so much and any of your customer can use the coupon code “welcome to hourey.ca” upon check out and get one free 2 hours delivery 😉

  3. I am strongly against this site providing Costco goods to people without memberships. I hope Costco steps here. It’s completely unfair to membership holders who actually pay to shop there.

    • There are special memberships for wholesale and resale. A lot of store stock their shelves with Kirkland items with those.

  4. This is a great service, and likely works the same as mom and pop stores who stock their shelves with Costco goods. I will definitely be using this site on those busy days when you can’t get away from work, but you are heading to the lake on a Friday. Thank you so much for posting!

  5. I use to order from Hourey in Winnipeg, there site has been down for quite some time. Do they not deliver anymore?

  6. Would like to start shopping online with Costco
    We are 68 years old and this would be a great option for us member #Woo153.
    How do we proceed in ordering – not sure how?

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