December Snackbox Review and last minute gift idea!

19 Dec

snackbox box   Are you starting to panic about those last minute gifts? Do you have people on your list that are hard to shop for, or are out of province and you’ve missed shipping dates?

Who wouldn’t love a subscription to Snackbox!! 🙂

You can buy 1, 3 or 6 month subscriptions for gifts – they’ll be shipped right to the giftee every month and it’s such a fun surprise to get!

Here’s what was in this month’s snackbox – notice there’s no pic of the box with the stuff on it – my hungry wolves tore into it right away. There is nothing better than a 7 year old wanting to try saffron pistachios and spicy chickpeas! Every month we find a new staple in our snack rotation, and so many new snacks that are ok for school too.

1 – Pamela’s product Whenever Bars – little snacks made with gluten free oats, chia seeds and sweetened with agave and coconut sugar. I love learning about new products, and fun to be able to serve things to friends with allergies and be creative.

2 – Tutti Gourmet Bana Krisp  – these are chips made with bananas, almonds and a splash of rum – I’ll be having these out on my snack tray at xmas. Something fun for everyone!

3 – Sunbutter – We’ve been big fans of sunbutter for years – a great alternative to peanut butter for school lunches. And for me, I prefer it to peanut butter, the sunflower seeds make it taste so much richer.

4 – The Good Bean – roasted chickpeas…i was a little bit curious about this one. Happy surprise – not too crunchy, and super tasty, and then you just can’t stop eating them!! As much protein as almonds, as much fiber as 2 cups of broccoli – but it tastes great and it’s fun to eat!

5 – Hardbite chips – super healthy chips made in Canada, and they were bbq which is my husbands favourite. I love how there’s something in there for everyone.

6 – Glee Gum – another one of our favourites for a long time. No artificial flavours, colours, sweeteners, preservatives or GMO ingredients. A gum you can feel good letting the kids chew.

7 – Wai Lana Cassava Chips – these were salt and vinegar so were all mine!! Made from cassava, these are gluten, soy and GMO free. Great alternative to regular potato chips and a fun crunch.

8 – Whistler Chocolate – this one was funny, my husband was soooo impressed that the packaging was compostable. Guess it’s the first chocolate bar we’ve seen with that, but it really wowed him. Amazing, super rich dark chocolate, 100% organic and 100% yummy!

9 – Peeled Snacks – Mango….I remember seeing this one in the box, and then it was gone. The kiddo couldn’t stop eating them. Before that I couldn’t have told you if she liked mango, apparently she loves it! Great snack for school or on the go, super portable and quick to eat.

10 – A Good Portion – pistachios. These were saffron and sea salt flavoured…you wouldn’t think that would be a big hit with a 7 year old. She’s claimed these as hers and I didn’t even get to try them! Another great snack, full of protein and fiber and vitamins – so it’s nice to see it be so kid friendly and approved.

11 – The Ginger People – Ginger Soother – My husband makes hot water with honey and lemon whenever he doesn’t feel well (can be for anything, cold, upset stomach, whatever) and he just drinks it like crazy. This drink takes it up a notch, some punchy ginger in there and I love that you can have it hot or cold!! Perfect to keep at work, or even for those who are starting to catch a cold – with the ginger would be perfect for nausea too. Great idea to bring to a sick friend with some chicken soup 🙂

12 – Blue Diamond Nut Thins – during the holidays we go through a lot of crackers – these are really fun. Made with almonds and very different tasting. I’ll be including these on my meat and cheese snack trays at xmas when we have guests over.

13 – Camino Hot Chocolate….wow!! This was amazing, and I quickly added it to my xmas list! It’s super rich and perfect made with milk. Creamy, chocolatey and hot – pick some of this up for cold days if you’re a chocolate fan – and a great idea for a little gift or stocking stuffer. It was really decadent and satisfying drink.

Check out the Snackbox site to order it for yourself as a gift – it really is our favourite day of the month now when the Snackbox shows up, and I’m loving how the kiddo will really try anything now! Best part is that it’s all healthy, so it looks fun but great to learn to like different things at a young age!




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