Coupon Stacking Changes….

22 Mar

There are new rules again for coupon stacking at London Drugs…here it is, straight from London Drugs :

Dear Coupon Customers,

Due to unfortunate circumstances we are forced to announce a change to our approach of certain coupon stacking programs.    This change will affect the pre-ordering of mass quantities of products and the use of mass cut coupons for all of our vendors for the purpose of coupon stacking.  In addition, London Drugs has been advised by SC Johnson Company, that no SC Johnson coupon can be combined or stacked with any other coupon, regardless of the wording on the back of their coupons.   Unfortunately, both of these areas are impacted due to increasing abuse which cannot be supported, and negatively affects all customers.

Pre-Ordering of Merchandising

Effective immediately, with those products where coupon stacking is permitted, London Drugs stores will only sell shelf quantities of product for the purposes of coupon stacking.   As is a longstanding policy, we have always reserved the right to limit quantities and this will be enforced.

We have had increasing pressure from an ever widening number of coupon stackers  to pre-order large quantities of products expressly for the purpose of coupon stacking.   The requests are not modest:  increasingly these order are for cases  and  half pallet or pallet quantities  of merchandise.   On top of this, it has been reported that increasingly these large quantities are used for resale, and not for personal consumption.    

The manufacturers and London Drugs cannot support this excessive  ordering of large quantities, as this is not what coupons were ever intended to provide for customers, and jeopardizes London Drugs ability to get reimbursed for coupons, causing potentially large financial losses for both London Drugs and its suppliers.

SC Johnson Company coupons

London Drugs has been advised by SC Johnson Company, that no SC Johnson coupon can be combined  or stacked with any other coupon, regardless of the wording on the back of their coupons.    London Drugs attempted to work with the legal counsel representing SC Johnson  to alter their wording on their coupons as many other companies have done.  Unfortunately, they  have made a unilateral decision that because the abuse of coupon stacking has become too widespread on their products, they will not continue to reimburse London Drugs for any coupon they deemed was stacked.

London Drugs is very sorry that these practices have had to change.  As one of the very few retailers that have allowed and supported coupon stacking, we’ve worked hard with coupon stacking forums and organizations to make policies clear, and prevent abuse.  Despite this approach,  the widening abuse has caused these changes in approach.  It’s frustrating for London Drugs and the coupon customers who have worked responsibility to maintain the practice to date.

7 Replies to “Coupon Stacking Changes….

  1. I’ve never had the chance to stack coupons although there have been many times I’ve wanted to with the diaper coupons. I’m absolutely shocked that people order up to pallets of merchandise! Besides being hoarders like the tv show, I didn’t realize so many people were reselling things to profit from. It’s such a shame that those irresponsible and inconsiderate people have ruined it for the rest of us who just want a few more bucks off toiletries or diapers for everyday use.

  2. Once again people ruining a good thing with greed. It’s so sad. I really hope they do start limiting quantities.

  3. I do not know of any 1 family who need a case of tooth paste or a pallet of hair shampoo. These people have a problem and should seek help.

  4. I have never gone there, but you know that is a bit much to pre-order giant amounts of stuff n clear their shelves…I never take all of the stuff on a shelf no matter how many coupons I have.

  5. I’m not the least bit surprised. The odd time I trekked across the city to try to stack at LD it was a complete waste of time. I never found anything I needed on the shelves.

  6. I mentioned a few months back that this would happen by the end of this year! Wow 3 months in and the frauds screwed everyone over! Way to go Extreme Couponing!!

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