Coupon giveaway!

22 Feb

I have a lot of coupons, and want to share them with a lot of you. So, here’s a fun new way to do it!

I will pick 5 winners – each will receive 100$ of coupons. But, if we reach 1550 in our facebook group before the contest ends I’ll send them each 150$ in coupons! 1600 will be 200$ each and so on! 🙂 I have a lot of coupons so invite away! 🙂

To enter, just comment below – can be anything, a tip, a blog suggestion….whatever you want! 🙂

Contest will end tomorrow Feb. 23rd at noon – open to all Canadians! Good Luck everyone!

56 Replies to “Coupon giveaway!

  1. We are a single income family, and I am new to couponing, so I am trying to get as many coupons together, and start savin money!!!

  2. Still trying to break 50% savings on all my shopping. Close but no cigar yet. Did 49% at Safeway today. If I took out the necessities which you never get coupons for I would break it. But we do need the fresh fruits and veggies. LOL

  3. i would really love more coupons … am still pretty new at couponing i started in dec would love some different coupons i try to buy stuff i have coupons for,, but dont really have alot of selection to choose from ,,,hope to find more coupons around,,,

  4. Organized my linen closet and guest closet on the weekend so my small but growing stockpile makes sense. Even my husband was impressed.

  5. kinda new to this whole coupon thing been trying to use them.. and never won anything before this would be a great start….. love reading your ideas

  6. I love my coupons and saving money, make sure you have a facebook account, so you can optimize on the coupons posted on Facebook. Don’t forget to look at the Facebook Safeway coupon and Zellers coupons posted each week.

  7. Price Matching when available saves me alot of running around as we do not drive and I find that since I started doing that and matching coupons with price match items I am saving alot more !!
    Also, you guys have been soo patient and awesome with us newbies…I really appreciate it alot. I will in turn try to send out coupons to anyone who needs them if I don’t use them or pass along your wonderful advice to my friends and family.
    YOU GUYS ALL ROCK !!! Thank you for bieng here !! 🙂

  8. yippy a give away. my tip is to make sure to give away your extra coupons as I know how much I love when I come across a coupon I will use in a chain or even on the product in a store!

  9. Having a large freezer has really helped with being able to save money. Buying bread in bulk from McGavin’s, stocking up on veggies & meats when there’s a sale etc.

  10. My biggest savings have been making my own bizquick and cleaning supplies. Not only am i saving $$$ but i know what is in my food and cleaning supplies.

  11. I would love to receive coupons!!!
    I have some extra coupons I would like to share as well. When are the coupon chains coming through again? I’m in Dugald. Thanks!!

  12. Dollar Days & McGavins!!! Plus, I find the more cooking from scratch and the less pre made that I buy the more I save. I find a bake a lot for my daycare kids, so buying flour, oats etc in as big of a bag as I can saves me a TON!!!

  13. I make my own rubs/spice mix. Saves a ton of money.

    Also, there is store called spice world on Marion that have spices at great prices.

  14. thanx so much Nadine for the give-away!!
    also a FB much info and fun couponers on FB
    If you are behind someone in the gocery check-out and you think they would benefit reducing their grocery total and you have extra coupons for items they are buying…ask them if they would mind if you gave the coupons to the cashier. Tell them they can purchase a “treat” with the savings. I’ve done this and people have been thrilled to save the extra money for something else.

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