Coupon Chains – time for a fresh start!

30 Jul

As you guys have probably noticed there hasn’t been many updates about the coupon chains for a while. It got a bit overwhelming, as we had over 20 chains running last time. Was a bit too many to keep track of, and there were several people on them who probably did so on a whim and the chains were lost, stalled out etc.   Time for a clean sweep and a fresh start! 🙂

Here are the rules for the coupon chains, make sure to read them and if you’re ok with them and can follow all of them then you’re welcome to join up!

1 – you will receive an envelope of coupons, you will be required to drive it over or mail it to the next person.

2 – make sure to pass it along within a few days – if there’s a problem just post up what’s going on

3 – you’ll be required to update when you get it, and who you sent it to right here on the blog  (keep emails to me checking on statuses to a mininum…most info is right there in the comments)

4 – make sure to clean out the envelope, get rid of expired coupons, add in as much or close to as you took, etc.

If this sounds good, email me at [email protected] to join. Put coupon chain as the subject line, I need your full name and complete mailing address (including postal code) and let me know what area of the city it’s in – be as specific as possible. I’ll also do some for out of town etc.

I will start these up mid to end of the month, so you have time to think about it before joining, and I have time to organize them all.


13 Replies to “Coupon Chains – time for a fresh start!

    • I hope it works out too!! I didn’t get to send out the new ones, and had so many emails for them, and about them – cleared out almost 200 emails this morning about the chains! Really needed that fresh start!

      • I’m excited to see it come back!! I hope there are enough of us in Portage to get one to yourselves again & hopefully this time we can make it work, instead of it “disappearing” on the first person 🙁

  1. Thanks, Nadine!

    Are you planning on including the instructions on each coupon chain address list?

    Is it possible to start with a brand new “coupon chain” page on the blog too? The existing one is long to scroll through. Ctrl+End works… but if we’re starting fresh, might as well clean that up too?

    • good idea carrie! I will include the instruction, and i think i can actually delete the comments on the coupon chain link

  2. YOU do an awesome job Nadine!! I was in the last 2 coupon chains and was fortunate enough to get my envelope and pass it on to the next person on the list.

  3. Thanks for re-doing this all Nadine! This has most definitely saved me money that past times that I’ve been able to receive the envelope. It’s also made me more aware to save coupons even if I’m not going to use those ones!

  4. Thanks for all your hard work on these chains Nadine.
    It is very disappointing that the lack of responsibilty others had when it came to updating that they had it.
    I updated the chain everytime I got it and it took all of 30 seconds.
    Hopefully people will step it up a notch and keep the chain running this time around 🙂
    Thank you to those who did update the chain and keep it moving 🙂

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