Coupon chains – Ready to go! :)

27 Aug

I’ve finally had the time to go through all of your emails and organize them all by area – thanks to those who were very specific! You might not be in your exact area, some people were the only ones for quite¬†a while so i’ve added them to the closest area there was. Remember when you get the chain to come back here and update that you got it, who you are sending it to and when. Let’s keep them going, and well updated. ūüôā

Polo Park Рmichelle b, lori l, sarah l

Outside City Рemma h, meagan s, shannon a, paula g, shannon k, evelyn d, tracy d, angela b

out of province Рmelanie b, tennille f

grant park Рrachel a, robin m, tessa p, cassandra f, eva t, marilyn k

east and north kildonan Рmisty k, barbara h, carrie p, jenn ek, jodie m, lora m, leah b, makayla g

charleswood Рalison k, tracy h, amara l, juanita e

outside city#2 Рcarolyn s, angelynn n, julie h, nicola d, christina d

transcona Рjulia k, kim h, silvia d, jeannette p

u of m Рannie o, june t, laurel t, barb w, earl a, joanne r, tracy a, rebecca w

steinbach Рjen p, dayna s, angela b

st vital Рabbie m, nicole f, violeta b, shelley m, melanie h, renata t, wendy d, tara t, donna d

west kildonan/garden city Рdebby c, carla p, karen ks, bj w, catia z, april r

Most are a lot smaller this time too, should be a lot easier to keep track of – good luck everyone! I’ll be mailing them out in the next few days out, so if you’re first on the list expect them soon! ūüôā

20 Replies to “Coupon chains – Ready to go! :)

    • it made me laugh when i was sending yours – it’s like the tenille and supermel party! ūüôā I know last time we had a bunch more people from out of province, so assuming at some point there will be quite a bit more.

    • no problem! i hope these chains all make their way quickly! they’re in the mail already. it’s my favourite way to get coupons now, you get such a good variety in the mix.

  1. Thank you Nadine for setting this up for all of us…can’t wait. I am not sure if you sent the coupons from the contest before but I have not received them yet. Please let me know if you need more info…thanks!

  2. Received the PoloPark chain and drop off to Lori L tonight. I will also add this to the coupon chain link. Wasn’t sure which one to mention this in.

    • technically everyone is off as this is a brand new chain. did you email to be added? i posted tons of reminders here and on facebook to let people know – for anyone who hasn’t been added to this one, they’re already moving super quickly so a good time to add your name for the next one.

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