Coupon Chain updates

28 Jul

Here’s the new area to post up the updates for the coupon chains – most of the dozen I had mailed out are moving along nicely! 🙂 Make sure to update here that you got it and when you are sending it out. Makes it easier on everyone that way.


8 Replies to “Coupon Chain updates

  1. Found the Grant Park chain in my mailbox today. Will drop off at J. Mowat sometime today.
    I have not taken out the many July 31 expiries, as I was hoping you might be able to use some this weekend.

  2. I left a comment on the old site too.
    I have the Grant Park chain and will be dropping it off on Maplewood next instead of Corydon as Maplewood is much closer to me than Corydon.

  3. I dropped off the one that had Transcona people on it,,,,sorry I was quite slow to get it out, I just had another baby not too long ago and that put me back a bit

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