Coupon Chain updates

26 Jan

It’s been 3 weeks since I mailed out all of the new coupon chains…..most are moving along really well, some are even close to being finished. But, 3 chains were never updated from the 1st person on the list. I emailed every single one of these people with no response, I posted up updates here and on facebook….so those 3 people have been removed, and I’m sending out replacement chains….again. Let’s keep these moving along – remember to update when you get them. Here are the new orders:

Polo Park – tessa p, coleene m, michelle b, sarah l, debbie t, carla f, wai-leng, april r

east k – sheri k, rick n, diane b, carrie p, jenn ek, jodie m, jo f, lora m, danielle b, misty k

garden city/west k 2  – casie b, carla p, dawn m, julia b, chantal f

These will be going out today

8 Replies to “Coupon Chain updates

    • No problem – hopefully this doesn’t happen too often. 3 out of 18 dead at the first person is not great odds…but glad to keep getting updates on all the other ones. Hope these new ones go fast! 🙂

  1. yeahhhh! I dont understand when people do not update the list. They have to message you to become part of the chain so they should have some access to a computer. Just an idea if you include people’s emails on the list and the next person is not able to drop it off and has to mail it they could see if the person they are sending it to can pick it up from them instead. May save the ones that get lost in the mail for months. I know if I was close I probably would not mind because that would ensure I actually get my turn.

    Thanks I feel like a kid in the candy store when that envelopes comes.

  2. Hi Nadine,

    I ahve just recieved my chain, sorry I was out of town for work and I will be sending it back to you tomorrow.


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