Coupon chain updates

12 Sep

There were a few chains that finished…then a bunch that were lost or missing so I’m sending out all new ones. Make sure to update the site when you get it, be clear of what chain it is, who you are and who you’re sending it to and when.

Polo park – patricia, tessa, tracy, megan, laura, tanya, justina, jennifer, sarah,debbie, wai-leng

Transcona – karine, jeannette, gladys, silvia, kelly, katrina, crystal

Out of province – josee, tennille, carrie

garden city/west k – christine, debby, mandi, bernadette, dawn, julia, jennifer, chantal, catia

u of m – laurel, june, michelle, barb, jenna, annie, rebecca, tracy, sheri

east k – mackenzie, carrie, jenn, misty, danielle, rick, lora

Please drop off or mail them as fast as you can! 🙂

4 Replies to “Coupon chain updates

  1. I am in the Windsor park chain and ihave the coupons, but I somehow lost the list of who to deliver it to? Should I Judy bring it back to you Nadine?

  2. Reaaaaally hope it works this time-I have tons of dental related coupons(work at an orthodontic office) for toothbrushes etc to pass on.

    • I really hope so too! Those replacement chains are getting expensive! Shouldn’t be too hard, as long as everyone updates properly.

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