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22 Sep

It’s that time of year again, the Show and Save and Entertainment book are out. The last few years I usually buy the entertainment one since you can order it online and I didn’t know anyone selling the other one. This year my daughter was selling the show and saves and there are some good coupons in it!

The entertainment book is 35$ right now online – there’s usually 20$ in Safeway coupons but I don’t see it listed – you can look through the coupon on their site to help make up your mind. They go on sale later in the year and usually if you pick to renew next year they give you a better deal.

The show and save is 15$ – basically if you use 1 or 2 coupons the book is pretty much paid for. There’s quite a few coupons for people out of town too. If anyone has questions on what’s in this one post it in the comments and I’ll check in the book! 🙂 I bought 2 copies – there’s a free kids meal at Cora’s in there so that pays for half the book already, and we go often. It’s fun sharing them with friends or family too, you can swap for who goes where – helps further the savings!

I can’t guess what we saved last year with these books, but it’s a lot more than what they cost! How do you guys feel about these? Which book do you prefer? One thing I noticed about show and save is that it fits in my purse easily – entertainment book i often leave in the car.

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  1. I am selling the Entertainment book for my son’s school. It is $30 if anyone is interested it is cheaper than on the site. It is a great book. So is the show and save, the school is selling those too!!

    carlapenno (at) yahoo (dot) ca if you are interested.

  2. I usually get the Show N Save coupon books because they’re cheap and pay for themselves pretty quick.
    I just placed an order for one, and look forward to getting it.
    Kudos to whoever to put the Show n Save in the coupon chain 😀

  3. Youth for Christ has some Entertainment books available to support some of their youth sports programs. You can pick them up at their Talbot office and of course the money goes to a great cause! Oh and they are $30.

  4. We’re selling the Show & Save books for my son’s school (they get up to $6.50 for their fundraising PER BOOK, which is great!). If anyone wants one, let me know 🙂

    I haven’t had the Entertainment book for a few years, but maybe I’ll pick one up this year, as long as you use a couple of the bigger coupons you’ve made your $ back, and it’s even easier with the Show & Save since it’s cheaper. We golf in the summers so we can get our money back pretty easily.

  5. I have run the fundraising at my school and when I compared the two books I was pleasantly surprised with the savings in Show & Save. I know they used to have 10% off coupons for IGA/Sobeys which was a really great coupon. They also had better values with repeat coupons that were in both books. As said before the schools get a really decent percentage of these sales and the gentleman who runs the company is a really great guy and offers incentives for the kids who sell them!

  6. Last year we purchased two of the Show and Save books. This year, my son is selling the Entertainment Book, so we picked up that one. I tend to prefer the Show and Save, maybe I am just more familiar with it and like that it is more portable. Haven’t really checked to see which, if any, is a better deal.

    At the front of the book I try to keep track of my savings…this usually only lasts a few transactions – the book does pay for itself really quickly. Need to come up with a better system to use them – I seem to be scrambling the last month to go through the book and use what we can!

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