Costco Weekly Coupons!

8 Feb

costcoSome great new coupons came out for Costco this morning! Some of them are valid online, most just instore. If you need Canon printer ink they’re $17 off, there’s $120 off a Posturepedic mattress set, $6 off certain reading glasses and much more. Lots of grocery and household stuff sales too.

You can see all the coupons online for these ones.

One thing I’ve never understood at Costco – if the coupons come off your bill automatically without having to hand them the paper, why print and hand out so many of them? Maybe a giant tv or bigger signage at the sales would be a good paper saver? What do you think ?

3 Replies to “Costco Weekly Coupons!

  1. It’s the same as regular stores sending out fliers, but not every household has a Costco membership, so it’s not worth it to send them out.

    • I mean more, why do they hand them out in the store? I thought when I first went there you have to hand them in at checkout, but you don’t. So, it’s a ton of paper that ends up in their garbages, carts and on the floor. All their other systems are so good, this is the only one I wonder about.

  2. I believe it all has to do with the absorption time.. that being the time from when you’ve read the handout during entry to when you find it in the store itself. It’s a subconscious thing. It would also be easy to test for them… Have one location hand out the flyers and one not for the week. Measure the results against the cost of the handouts… I am sure any reputable marketing department conducts tests like these. Whether it is “green” or not likely is a question much farther down the list. I am sure that they have measured other types of signage as well as have been found to be less effective at increasing sales.

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