Costco Unadvertised Deals of the week starting Oct. 17th – lots of Halloween candy!

17 Oct

img_20161017_100439_edit img_20161017_100444_edit img_20161017_100511_edit img_20161017_100529_edit img_20161017_100533_edit img_20161017_100631_edit img_20161017_100636_edit img_20161017_100815_edit img_20161017_100821 img_20161017_100856_edit img_20161017_100902 img_20161017_100938_edit img_20161017_101224 img_20161017_101236_edit img_20161017_101407 img_20161017_101427 img_20161017_101503 img_20161017_101712 img_20161017_101744_edit img_20161017_101801 img_20161017_101911 img_20161017_101921 img_20161017_102000_edit img_20161017_102011_edit img_20161017_102047 img_20161017_102109 img_20161017_102116 img_20161017_102121 img_20161017_102131_edit img_20161017_102140 img_20161017_102156 img_20161017_102321 img_20161017_102324_edit img_20161017_102342_edit img_20161017_102348_edit img_20161017_102403_edit img_20161017_102419_edit img_20161017_102625_editHere are the sales from the Regent store in Winnipeg. Sales are mostly the same from store to store, depending on their stock. This is the week to pick up your Halloween candy for sure – and check out those chicken sales too!


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