Costco unadvertised deals of the week, and some new items

8 Sep

Here are the deals from the Kenaston location in Winnipeg.

Sadly this is the last week for senior hours, so don’t expect my post next week to be up this early 🙂 As most of you know since the start of the pandemic, I have been rotating friends and family members to take the pictures every single week, that way it’s not one person going every week and taking up a spot. We just take the pictures when we do our groceries. I find that only going once or twice a month now for our family has been working well. I admit, I do miss going every week…it’s always fun to see all the new stuff. So for today let’s do it vicariously through this post.

There aren’t as many new sales today, because they just continued most of the sales from last week.

But my photographer today was up bright and early and ambitious, she got all the new items. She also did posts of Markdowns and holiday items if you want to check those out.



5 Replies to “Costco unadvertised deals of the week, and some new items

  1. I wish they would continue seniors’ hour permanently, at least one day per week. No need to open earlier than others days, just dedicate the first hour (T, W or TH) as a senior hour in all locations, either all the same day in the city or each store could have a different day.

    I found the senior hour very convenient. I know many other seniors do too.

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