Costco grocery delivery with Instacart

1 Aug

You can now get your groceries delivered from Costco using Instacart at 76 Canadian Costco stores (there are 114).

The price of groceries is a lot higher – so really take that into consideration.

You can get same-day delivery or schedule it for later in the week, they have deals for a free delivery etc too. So it just really depends how much you don’t want to go into the store vs the savings in person.

As an example, the rotisserie chicken that is $7.99 in-store is $9.59 through Instacart. But, if you can’t or really don’t want to go to the store, it’s not a horrible trade off.

You need to make an Instacart account, and you have to tip on top, so make sure to make the order count.

Could really be worth it in the winter, if you need to send someone groceries, or if you’re stuck at home etc.

Do you think you’d use the service?

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