Costco Canada Markdown Monday deals and some unadvertised deals

10 Apr

Today is markdown Monday at Costco – did you find any good deals? Remember to look for items ending in .97. I was unable to go take the pictures today due to illness, so I sent someone in my place. They were immediately told no photos in the warehouse and followed….so you’ll notice it’s a lot thinner today. I’ve been doing it for quite a while and never had any issues,  so should be back to normal next week. Sorry to all of those who lives outside the city – I know a lot of you wait for the post to plan out your shopping trips.

6 Replies to “Costco Canada Markdown Monday deals and some unadvertised deals

  1. Hope you feel better! I plan my trips around your Monday post, and appreciate the information so much!!! Weird about the photos, I take photos too to track prices for comparison and have never had an issue.

    Thanks again!

    • thanks! it was actually my daughter – who felt super bad now there’s no pics to show! I often will come home and look through the pics are plan out my shops that way, especially if I didn’t take them. Good reference point too for planning out bigger shops….hopefully everything is resolved by next week.

      • Hope you are feeling better soon. I am sure the picture situation was just touching. Maybe someone new who did not recognize your replacement. Drink tea, eat chicken noodle soup and rest. Take care of you.

        • thanks! 🙂 fingers crossed for next week – we are huge Costco shoppers apart from the pictures, so being treated like a thief there is pretty shocking. It’s my ultimate happy place, I can just wander around the store, so hoping it’s all good. And kiddo feeling totally better – of course! I missed out on all those markdown deals, i’ll be ready for next month though.

  2. So weird that they won’t let you take pictures! I take pictures of prices there all the time because I want to remember them and be able to compare them to other stores.

    Hope you feel better soon!

  3. Hi,
    At St. James, I saw Boom Chicka Pop $2 off (the plain salted popcorn one). Also Tamontina Proline 12″ grill pan. Said regular $30 reduced to $20 but then it was $15 when I went through the til. (These were at the front near the registers as I entered).

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