Cora’s Baby Shower Gift!!

28 Jul

Went to Cora’s for lunch yesterday and they had a neat new promotion up – and it’s so impressive that the friend I was with is now convinced she should have another baby!! 🙂

After having a baby, who wants to cook? Send the dad or your partner to Cora’s with some birth info (hospital bracelet is best as proof) and they will give you a free breakfast for 2 to bring home to the mom! You can get a sausage breakfast or a 7th of July (yummy crepes), 2 fruit cocktails and english cream for your fruit. What a great idea! Perfect food for a new mom too. This is valid for both locations and they have forms you can pick up in advance too.

Spread the word to anyone expecting – I know I sure would have loved a Cora’s breakfast when I got home. Is there anywhere else in Winnipeg that has good promotions for new moms? Post them up if you know of any!

2 Replies to “Cora’s Baby Shower Gift!!

  1. This is great, I am overdue already (due last week) and I will definitely take advantage of this when this baby finally comes 🙂
    Thank you!

  2. wow that will be great for moms in st b hospital, since it is so close! A super change gunky oatmeal I was served with my 3 kids 😉

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