Chimpanzee – movie tickets giveaway

2 Apr

April 20th Disneynature has a great new release – Chimpanzee. It follow a chimp named Oscar and his family and their adventures in the jungle. Sounds like a great family film, monkeys are a big favourite in our home.

One really cool thing too is that if Disney Canada can get to 22,000 likes on their facebook by Sunday April 22nd they will adopt two orphaned chimpanzees through the Jane Goodall Institute of Canada’s Chimp Guardian Program!!

I’m super happy to be able to give away a 4 pack of tickets for a lucky family in Winnipeg – the premiere is Saturday April 14th at 10am at Polo Park – please make sure you can attend if you’re entering. A few ways to enter for this one:

1 – comment with why you want to see this movie

2 – make sure you head over to facebook and like Disney’s page, they’re not far off – 22,000 should be easily achievable!

3 – Share their facebook page on facebook, tweet it etc.  – you can enter daily for this one, just post which way you promoted their group!

Make sure you comment seperately for each entry. Contest open to all Canadians and will end Tuesday April 10th at noon – Good Luck to everyone, and let’s get those chimps adopted! 🙂

28 Replies to “Chimpanzee – movie tickets giveaway

  1. Because I have to! As soon as my son saw the picture, he started yelling “MONKEY” and running around making monkey sounds 😀

  2. We have a super sensitive 7 year old daughter – sensitive in the good, compassionate sense (not the sensitive sense of her younger brother who cries about tags in his shirts and such). So we try to show her good programs and read books about real world issues – like disabilities and homelessness. This movie would be a great one for her to see.

  3. This would be a great movie to see with my kids… and I also love the fact that it starts at 10am rather then at nap time 🙂

  4. My 7yr old daughter is an animal lover & wants to see any movie that features an animal & I love Disney so what could be better than combining the 2! I would also bring my husband & son along as they would fit right in as they act like wild monkeys all the time 🙂

  5. I would love to see this movie with my two little girls to preview it so I can take my class to go and see it. Would love to see this. I love monkeys!!!!!!

  6. I would love to take my monkey to go see this. It’s truly beautiful to see the “human” side in animals. They can easily be taken for granted and mistreated. I saw this preview last summer at another movie and have been waiting for it to come out!

  7. My older son likes to learn about different animals they just finished up bears in school and he likes to tell me facts about them so cute at his age. My youngest son likes to actaully walk around the house making monkey sounds so I think he would like to see this.

  8. The first time I saw the trailer for this movie two months ago, I literally teared up (and have continued to do so each time I watch it–which has probably numbered in the hundreds already, because I keep showing it to my friends and coworkers). You can’t get any more heartbreaking than a baby monkey orphan! I used to be very interested in Jane Goodall’s work, so I’d love the opportunity to see Chimpanzee and how researchers documented Oscar’s journey. I ‘liked’ this on Facebook right after I saw the trailer, follow it on Twitter AND tell my friends about it every chance I get (they’re probably sick of hearing about the baby monkey orphan movie already).

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