Cheap and easy way to “hem” curtains and much more!

16 Jun

We bought new curtains for 2 rooms, of course they’re never the right length. If you’re handy with the sewing machine it’s not a big deal, if you’re like us it means asking someone to do it, doing a s0-so job yourself – or just getting a little creative at Dollarama! 😉


Do you remember the commercials for the Style Snaps from a few years back? It was made for hemming your jeans on the go, shorter with flats and then you undo it and longer for with heels….I’m not really sure this fad ever caught on. But, lucky me they’re now at Dollarama for $2.50 for a pack of 16 of them! They caught my eye, and figured for that price was worth the risk if it didn’t work. I wasn’t sure how they worked at all, or if they’d be strong enough to hold curtains etc.

It took us just a few minutes to do 4 different panels – did 3 snaps on each panel and it’s holding strong, and looks great! Didn’t have to damage the curtains at all. All you do is peel and stick on side of the snap at the bottom, then stick the other side to the length you want to hem it to – snap those 2 together and you’re done!! We actually have a bunch of them left over.

There’s so many other possibilities for this – my daughter always has pants that are just a bit too long, these would fix that right away, and when she grows you just unstick them. I’m thinking you could do this with skirts and dresses, change up the look a bit with long styles to shorter – any length you want with no damage to the material! Could be great for all types of crafting too – and the price is really right on these!

I’m super happy with our curtains now, and it looks great! They really didn’t market this product right, it has so many other uses apart from some fad with long and short jeans. What do you think of these? Any good ideas for what else you could fix with the Style Snaps?

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