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7 Jan

Last week a group of us were invited to test out the new menu at Chaise Cafe on Provencher. If you follow me on twitter you’ll know that it’s one of my family’s favourite restaurants – lots of pics taken there 🙂  My daughter chose to go there to celebrate her good grades on her report card….nice when a 7 year old gets off the kid food path and starts to love real food! The charcuterie board is her favourite dish there so I was glad that they kept it on the new menu!

I have to say, I’m no foodie. I eat food, I like to eat food and I like good food. Since you’re reading this, I’m guessing you eat food too (don’t we all) and you probably enjoy food also 🙂 When I think of the word foodie, the urban dictionary pretty much hit the nail on the head. It’s a word and attitude I hope stays in 2013, (or even 2012) – this is my honest take on the menu as a mom who likes to go out and eat with my family, and sometimes without. This menu fits the bill for both. Another big requirement for me is always the price – this is great, local food at affordable prices.

First of all, one thing I didn’t know about was their prix fixe menu. There are some really cool options for this there, and if you’re heading out as a group it’s worth checking out. They have some for just appetizers – like if you want to watch the game and have a constant flow of appetizers all night! There’s also lunch and dinner ones with nonstop pizza, pasta, entrees etc. Great idea if you’re going as a group, or a big family dinner. Even a work event. One thing I really want to do is their prix fixe dessert and coffee one. Get a group of friends together and do a big girls night out. They have a room upstairs with couches and an adjoining room with tables – call them to reserve this area if you’re planning this and get the lowdown on all the prix fixe options that would work for your occasion. The prices were really reasonable too, and with the choices available it would be a great meal!

poutineThe new menu has a lot of great choices for any type of eater. Have to say my absolute favourite dish was their poutine!

Thick cut chips with duck fat gravy! Decadent!! Authentic cheese curds and candied bacon on top, if the duck fat wasn’t enough for you!

These were really yummy, big wow factor when it came out. The smell was amazing. Comes in 2 sizes too, and you can add it on as an extra to most dishes. I’m a cochon and actually ordered one to go to bring home for later.

If you’re going to eat poutine, this is the way to go. All out, creamy fatty sauce – perfect combo! I’m a big fan of poutine, could eat it every day and this was the best one I’ve ever had. Not your typical Quebec style, but I love the different spin on it. There’s 2 sizes and they’re $5 and $8 each which is crazy cheap for what you get!

The new menu prices were actually all really reasonable – almost everything on it is under $20 – even fancier stuff like bone marrow topped with escargots is only $12. Nice to be able to go out and try new foods and not break the bank.

pasta There’s also several pasta dishes on the menu, all $15 or less.

A lot of their pasta is made fresh in house, and they are trying to make most of it fresh this year. Their focus is everything in house and it really comes through on the menu, and of course when you taste it.

The pastas were a big hit with everyone, with this cold weather who doesn’t want to sit down to a huge bowl of pasta that tastes amazing!

Every single one was so different and I can say I’d order all of them again.

Have to say too, their house red is amazing! Think was around $5 a glass and it was a popular choice. Sometimes house wines are just so-so, this one was delicious! And since it’s just down the street from me, I tested a few glasses and can honestly say it’s great!


frenchman I’m not a burger person at all – it’s not something I usually order at restaurants. My husband likes to try them all though – and I can’t wait to go back for him to try this one out.

It’s the Frenchman – also sometimes known as the dirty Frenchman which is the name I prefer. It’s a messy burger with the egg on top, but well worth it for the taste!!

The patty tasted amazing and I couldn’t figure out why – it’s the sage in it I think that gives it that yummy flavour. The whole combo of the egg, the sage, cheese curds and arugula were unbelievably good!

Give me the poutine, a dirty frenchman burger and a glass of the house red and I’d be a happy camper any day of the week!!

Another dish that really wowed me was the bacon wrapped pork tenderloin – it really felt like I was eating candy…well, the most amazing fatty, piggy type candy ever!

There was no room for dessert at all at the end – but speaking from experience, save some room for dessert or bring one home for later. The dessert area always wows my kiddo when we walk by, so I’m used to always having a bite of hers and we’ve had some great ones there!

That is my take on our great neighbourhood restaurant – it’s cozy, food is amazing, atmosphere is fun and relaxed and there is free parking in front and all around which is always awesome! If you want to support a great local restaurant where the chef and owner are creative, motivated and really care about what you think this is the place for you!

I think my favourite Chaise memory ever is when the waiter came over with orange juice in a champagne glass for my daughter and told her it was from the chef – my kiddo beamed all night from the special attention.



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