Celebrating a Holiday Just for the Fun of it – maybe even make your own one up! #Wolfenoot

13 Nov

Remember being a kid and how fun holidays were – especially the weird ones. I remember my favourite Ernie doll would often have birthdays… many a year – with cake of course!

Wolfenoot is sort of like that – it’s a totally made up holiday that someone’s 7 year old son came up with – and it’s pretty fantastic!

The Spirit of the Wolf brings small gifts, if you’ve been good to dogs you might get better gifts even! You eat roast meat, like a wolf and of course you need to have a cake in the shape of a full moon – which is pretty awesome because that is easy to do!

It’s on November 23rd – but really you could celebrate it whenever you want. Gifts or no gifts – but I think handmade gifts or found things are pretty fun for it. Let the kids decide what they want – and if you don’t eat meat, just pick something else wolf like.

Or, make up your own holiday! I love this idea because it’s silly, it’s just for fun and can become anything you want it to be. Get the kids together and work out a Wolfenoot plan, or head in your own direction completely.

Check out their website – show it to the kids and get the ball rolling. Great way to get creative, make up your own rules and ideas for it. Make it big, make it small – but just have fun with it!

From our family to yours, Happy Wolfenoot! And remember to be good to dogs!

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