Cabela’s Grand Opening in Winnipeg!

2 May

cabelas1   Cabela’s is having their big Grand Opening in Winnipeg on Thursday May 9th at 11am.

They hosted a neat media event this week to give everyone the chance to take a peek at the store, I couldn’t make it but am super glad to share it with everyone! Looks like a fun place to check out. I’m not the most outdoorsy person…but they have Fudge!!

It’s over 70,000 square feet of hunting, fishing and outdoorsy stuff – I know all my friends and family who love to hunt and fish can’t wait for this store to open. I’m even looking forward to go take a walk around, the store looks like a fun place to explore, and there are some neat cooking things for outdoors that I definitely want to try out. And did I mention, they have fudge? 😉

One thing you might not know about me is that I am a huge fan of the show Swamp People. I’ve been watching it since it started and am completely hooked – I’ve actually tried to convince my husband he should become an alligator hunter and we can move down there and live in the Bayou. Even I’d love to give it a shot, I’m small but if Kristi can do it, maybe I could too. And if you’ve ever wanted to meet the King of the Swamp, Troy Landry and his son Jacob will be at Cabela’s on May 12th from 11am to 3pm. If you meet them make sure to send me the pictures! There are tons of other special guests from the 9th to the 12th so check out their website for more info.

cabelas2  Here are the giveaways for the grand opening:

– Friday May 10th the first 100 customers will receive a Cabela’s multitool

– Saturday May 11th the first 100 will get a Cabela’s messenger bag – I want one!

– Sunday May 12th the first 100 get a commemorative grand opening goose call

What are you most excited for at Cabela’s? And don’t forget to check out the Bargain Cave while you’re there – I love that people know me so well they messaged me after the event to let me know about it. Excited to see the deals there!

10 Replies to “Cabela’s Grand Opening in Winnipeg!

  1. Troy Landry, I love that guy. Thanks for letting me know he’s in town. For sure check out the new store.

  2. Woohoo! I know where to go when we’re looking for camping stuff this year. We love doing outdoorsy things in the summer. Cabela’s reminds me of my late father in law. When my sweet little girl was born 4 years ago, he showed up to the hospital with a pair of size 12 month green Camo overalls from Cabela’s for my newborn baby, lol! He loved that store. I’ll never forget it. Was just too funny. 🙂

  3. I’ll definately be hitting up this store for Father’s day!! My Dad and I love to fish together 🙂
    Also, to see what kind of bird calls they have would be awesome! My daughter has a nice bird call, and duck call – I have my eye on that Goose call…Sunday – Here I come!! Would be great to get one for Mother’s day!! Just sayin 😀

  4. I was very disappointed today at Cabela’s Grand Opening to see that they had missed an opportunity to be seen as a Good Corporate citizen by offering a way for customers to recycle drink cans and water bottles. Set an example!

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