Brother labeler – Review and Giveaway

10 Aug


Got to try out the Brother labeler PT-1100SBVP – such a cool labeler!! This one is perfect for scrapbooking and also for back to school stuff! It uses acid free adhesive – great for scrapbooks or photo albums. First thing I like about it is that it’s totally adorable – my daughter has claimed it as her own – she’s had fun labelling everything in our house with her name on it! Which proves my 2nd point, it’s super easy to use! 🙂

You can print in 5 types and 9 sizes so it’s very versatile. You can also print up to 2 lines of text and there’s 72 built in symbols. I really like that you can do accents – we can never find stuff in stores with my daughter’s correct spelling – fun to make them ourselves! 🙂

I love using this labeler, it’s quick, easy to print and cut and the results are great. I’m not a scrapbooker at all, but seeing how cute the labels are I”m getting pretty tempted to make some sort of school album for my daughter – would be fun to be able to caption them all any way I want. I like how portable it is too, comes in a cute carrying case – the replacement tapes are easy to find and you can get all kinds of neat colours! This is perfect for a scrapbooker – but really for anyone who wants to organize! You can label holiday stuff, kids stuff, kitchen containers etc. At 50$ this is a great labeler for the whole family – and so cute you will want to show it off!! You can even buy tapes that are made for outdoors – so cool!! Could make neat labels for the garden, label stuff in the garge…so many options.

And thanks to Brother Canada one lucky person will be winning this labeler!! To enter check out their site and comment with what feature you like best. Contest open to all Canadians and will end Monday August 15th at noon. Good Luck everyone!


84 Replies to “Brother labeler – Review and Giveaway

  1. I have ALWAYS wanted a labeler! I like that this labeler prints in different fonts and sizes… but what I love most is that this one is pink!

  2. AWESOME give a way Nadine!! My organized crazy hubby would LOVE this! I really like how you can change the fonts and sizes too…great for labeling storage containers!

  3. I too am someone who LOVES to be organized! I would love this labeller! I love everything about it, the size and how it does so much!!

  4. I love that it is acid free. What a great tool! I also love that there are different type and sizes. My photo albums and scrapbooks would look so awesome!

  5. I love all the different colours of tape you can get, also the different fonts you can choose from!! Would love to win it! 🙂

  6. I like that it prints two lines of text, my son has a looong last name (mine and his dads hyphenated) so it would be nice to put both of them on!

  7. hmm, I think my favorite is the pink colour (because my son wont steal it) but the symbols will be fun for my daughter to use

  8. I’ve always wanted a labeller… Not that it will make me more organized but it will make things look neater than the masking tape and sharpie system that I currently have going! I like that it prints on clear tape.

  9. Love the fonts, tape colors.. 2 lines of text.. I would label everything in my house, different fonts, different colors.. It would be so much fun and a great way to organize everything!

  10. I really like that it is acid free, making it versatile since it can be used for scrapbooking and organizing – 2 of my favorite things!

  11. Fantastic features with the symbols, text types and being able to print a label using 2 lines very cool! Would love to label everything to reorganize my coupons, toiletries bins etc.

  12. Was just chatting with the hubby about getting a labeller! I like the different font options and sizing so I can label the stuff in each room with its own font and make it easier if we would move to know where things go and such.

  13. I like that is has a qwerty keyboard and a view screen so you can see that you have printed. (I also like that it’s pink – my granddaughter would love that – and that you can print two lines… like for Cinnamon/Ground and Cinnamon/Whole.

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