Brandsampler is up!

8 Aug

Go to Brandsampler┬áto get your free samples – it’s up but finicky, it wouldn’t process mine yet. I filled out all the questions and it said something like try back later. I love getting these samples – always fun trying the stuff out, and there’s usually some good coupons with them! Good luck everyone, post up what you got or if you’re having problems with it

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  1. I got through but it did take a couple of tries. I had to refresh the webpage when it got stuck on the confirmation of address page. I find this time, you get the usual survey , then you get a confirm your address page but no listing of the samples you qualify for as before. I guess it will be a fun surprise in the mail!

  2. I got to choose between 3 – olay 1 facial cleansing cloth, crest bundle pak, 2 ct cascade dishwashing pak – but my mom didn’t get a choice at all or a listing of what will come ?
    Nadine, I subscribed to the blog but it doesn’t seem to have gone through yet ?

  3. I got to pick 4! Can’t wait! However I am getting problems, it wont let me log out! I want to log in with my husbands account and see if it has anything for him.

  4. I got to choose the samples I wanted.
    Always, Olay, Cascade, and Crest.
    I can’t wait to get them!

    I did another round of samples, this time for my Mom, and I was not able to choose the samples.

  5. I didn’t get to choose either, just the survey and message stating my samples would come in the mail! It will be a surprise!

  6. Hello, I hear the P & G coupons are out, sadly my area doesn’t get flyers. I know I saw someone post the number you can call to find out where you can pick up flyers, etc. If someone could post that again I would really appreciate it!


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