Binderless coupon binder giveaway!

9 Nov

Confusing title? πŸ™‚Β  I wanted to do a binder giveaway, but it’s crazy expensive to mail – so I am going to do a giveaway for the guts of a binder! πŸ˜‰ A bit cheaper to mail at least! I just mailed out some chains and a ton of contest winners on the weekend so trying to keep it lower this way.

One lucky person will win the insert sheets, all organized and labeled by me – same as how I do mine. Different sections for different areas of the grocery store – perfect if you’re new to coupons, or just haven’t organized them yet. And on top of that, I will stock the pages for you with all kinds of coupons! πŸ™‚ All this person would have to do is stick them in their binder and they’re all set!

Easy to enter – comment with a money saving tip related to the holidays (or not if you have a good one!) I will pick the lucky winnerΒ Monday Nov. 14th at noon! Contest open to all Canadians! Good luck everyone!

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  1. My favorite thing to do is buy my kids their presents used. They are in perfect shape and all put together. We are doing that exclusively this year.

  2. Keep an eye on the group buying sites for deals you can use over the holidays, food places (dine in or items to purchase), kids items, etc.

  3. I start checking flyers in the spring, and have a roughneck that I put gifts away in. Anytime something is on sale, or part of a “buy one get one” I get it and put it away.
    I also do a lot of home made gifts, saves money and sometimes means a little more.

  4. My tip is to buy a few turkeys when they go on sale for the holidays. I did this at Thanksgiving and got SEVEN meals out of that $11 turkey!!!

  5. I check flyers weekly, and if I see an item that I want to get for someone in my family, I buy it right then. Even if it is months ahead of Christmas.
    Also by buying gifts throughout the year there isn’t that huge amount to pay off around Christmas πŸ™‚

  6. I have started using Swagbucks. Best thing ever!! You get the most bang for your buck when you trade in ur swagbucks for Amazon gift cards! Best part is, I earn SB for doing things I normally would be doing and now I get to apply it towards Christmas presents!! Or maybe a gift for myself!
    This year for gifts I am giving away baskets of things like toiletries, dish soap, etc. Stuff that I have gotten bc of coupons, free or almost free. Then I am going to add in something a little more personal like a Starbucks gift card (free courtesy of swagbucks). I also was able tomatoes some Energizer bunny banks so my nieces will be getting those!
    So swagbucks, Facebook freebies and coupons Christmas isnt going to cost me very much at all!! Best part is, I’m almost done!! πŸ™‚ I think I can start finding creative ways to wrap the gifts now! :))

  7. Start early! – this is advice I always fail at even though I have all the best intentions to start early … it’s never early enough. One day I’ll master this idea Lol

    Plan and budget. Be like Santa & make a list. Indicate whether it’ll be a handmade gift or something you’ll purchase. If it’ll be a purchase, indicate a budget for said purchase. Be sure to say no to long lists. You don’t need to buy for everyone.

    Start saving your change – at the end of each day, dump the change from your pockets or bottom of purse into a jar. I use to do this as a general as it all adds up … but money’s so tight that I don’t generally have anything left in my pockets.

    Give homemade gifts – bath salts/scrubs, baked goodies, mini scrapbook album, etc.

    Pool your money with another person (or more) to get a gift for someone. I did this a few times for family gifts in the past when I lived near family. I don’t live near family anymore.

    Shop at craft shows – like Signatures Craft show coming up.

    Mutually set up a dollar limit on all holiday gifts.

    Gifts for children and adults go without.

    Lastly, if you have a skill, over your services for free. A photographer? Offer some lessons or offer to take some family portraits. An amazing chef? Offer lessons or offer your skills for a small dinner party. A fabulous designer? Redecorate a room for a friend. Web Designer? Offer your services to revamp or launch a website or blog.

  8. Hi – I like to price match at zellers to get my HBC point and then exchange point for gift cards as gifts.
    Also, I like to make crafts or buy some hand-made crafts at different venues…

    Also, I like to make cookies in a jar ( its a cookie recipe with all the dry ingredients – layered with the different colors and then I attached a label with how to prepare the cookies and the wet ingredients to be added). I decorate the jar with nice fabric and curly ribbon. Its a hit everything and CHEAP to make… I get the jars from the Dollar store. I have flour and the baking soda, baking powder at home. I buy a bag or two of brown sugar. I buy some cheap fabric and I already have the curly ribbon. There you go.

  9. We draw names with our kids and set a limit. They are both adults now and have partners but are both still establishing their homes so they don’t have a lot of money for gifts. Drawing names helps them (and us) out and keeps everyone more in the spirit of the holidays. I, of course, reserved the right to fill the stockings and shop for them year-round whenever I see deals (or get samples).

  10. Holiday tip – start shopping boxing day for the next Christmas. I was able to get lots of Christmas cards, paper plates, tissue paper, wrapping paper, bows and such all for 75-90% off. Another tip, collect shoppers optimum points. Use them during the mega bonus redepmtion, and get lots of gifts for FREE.

  11. My fav homemade gift to do is candy treats in a jar with a cute picture of our two daughters to our close family members. Similar to Carla’s cookies in a jar – I find small glass jars (Bulk Barn has a great selection) that I can easily slide in a 4×6 picture on the inside and then fill up with tons of candies/mints/chocolates (whatever faves the person may have or what my older daughter thinks they would like). It’s great for everyone to keep at their desk to have a treat from someone sweet and it serves as a photo frame!

    Otherwise I too like to shop throughout the year and stash away toys and clothes for the little kids that I’ve found on sale. For my parents who are pretty practical, we try to do a group gift for something they may need (ie. last year we got them a freezer and we were able to buy it AFTER xmas to get the boxing day sales). My parents got a pic of it and didn’t mind it wasn’t something under the tree by xmas!

  12. I started Christmas shopping in July and picked things up when I found good deals. We also draw names within the adults in the family and have limits on how much we can spend.

  13. I start by putting 25 $ away every two weeks prior to christmas than after all me christmas shopping is done I make a list of everyones birthday that I have to buy for the following year and try to cut a chunk out of my list on boxing day that way I am never in a crunch to buy a gift!

  14. I signed up with ING banking and have $50 a month taken out over the year and also they gave me $25 to join free cash whats better then that.

  15. Read up on all the points programs you are part of to make sure you maximize the value. SDM & Sobeys points for example are worth more the more you save. For programs like Pampers GTG search the internet before redeeming to make sure you are getting a good product.

  16. start early…i try and get all my shopping done by the fall, so that once the snow flies…i don’t have to be driving around trying to find what i need. some years i’ll even start shortly after christmas if i find something good…and just stash it away until the next year.

  17. Budget & stick to it, also watch the flyers. For my child I try to get used toys since they grow so quickly and the novelty changes.

  18. We recently switched to a PC Mastercard and have earned so many points! No annual fee and you earn extra points when shopping at Superstore and regular points shopping everywhere else. Nothing like free groceries plus all the other items you can purchase at Superstore!!!We also purchase gas from Superstore and get dollars back to spend in the store as well!!! Every little bit helps when you are on a strict budget!!

  19. Put together gift baskets with all the freebies you get year round, that pile up! and put them out for guest when they come in from out of town.

  20. I now don’t buy gift cards, I give cash instead!! It works for all the young people on my list who don’t want another sweater or mitts, they want to pay their cell phone bill. This tip does save money because it is easy to wrap, you don’t waste gas driving around and you can spend it on whatever and am not restricted to one store or another.

  21. the only thing i can think of is…. start looking at flyers early …. half of my christmas shopping is finished or was winished by oct. yay

  22. Let your kids look at flyers so you get a really good sense of what they want. You don’t want to spend money to buy something they won’t play with!

  23. We use our points for shopping. HBC; Airmiles; SDM, makes things a little easier.
    Also make a list. Know what you want to buy before you head out.

  24. I start shopping for Christmas presents at the beginning of the new year. If I find something I like then I pick it up. I like to be completely finished by mid November, but next year I hope to bump that to end of October. It is so much fun to be done and not rushing around trying to find something.

  25. Year round gift giving tip: If I find practical items on great sales (like kitchen stuff at Canadian Tire, or seasonal clothing and toy clearouts at the stores), I buy a few to keep on hand for general gift giving – weddings, showers, babies, etc. That way I generally have something on hand, and it’s easier on the budget.

  26. To save money this year we are making a lot of the kids’ gifts. My daughter is getting a new doll and my son is getting a “quiet book”

  27. Join a company with products that you LOVE and can give as presents. I’m and Usborne Books consultant so ALL the kids in my life are getting books!!

    Or find a company with an affilate program and do your shopping through there, you get the commission back off ALL your purchases. My husband is an affliate with Amazon and they have TONS of stuff you can buy off their page.

  28. I buy all my gifts on sale. I also redeem shoppers points on bonus days (my son got a DS last Christmas and it only costed me around $30.00) My husband is in the states a lot so after the us thanksgiving he picks up a turkey on sale there for Christmas. My son is into making crafts so I think this year we will try and get some good crafts going and he can give them to family members for Christmas, as well as baking.

  29. I buy gifts through out the year. Anytime I see something that is @ a great price and I know is perfect for someone on my list,I buy it and put it away. Also I love looking for “free” ways to wrap gifts. Calendars, comics, fabric really anything I can can get my frugal little paws on is fair game for wrapping!!

  30. Make your gifts for friends and family. When you do your baking make a double batch and make up plates/boxes of your home baking to take as hostess gifts or for family members who can not bake any more or have the time. Or get masson jars measure all the dry ingrediances for you famous cookies/soup/cake write out the receipt and decorate the lid with fabric and a bow. Do it as a children’s craft day! For children make “Play dough”

  31. We like ot keep the Christmas gifts to a minimum and focus more on the reason we are actually celebrating Christmas. So instead of gifts we often host an evening party and for children keep the gifts simple and family oriented like board games. This lets us make each birthday celebration much bigger, since we saved money at Christmas

  32. I make the drive down to the U.S for Black Friday,every year, where I save hundreds of dollars on Christmas gifts by spending an extra $200 on gas and accomadations.

  33. I buy my xmas cards for the following year after xmas (it’s easy to find cards then as much as 75% off). I also save up the colored comics from the year’s newspapers to use as gift wrap. It’s kind of funky looking and you can read the wrap!

  34. I’m done all my Christmas shopping! Every year I buy toys for my kids in Oct/Nov… Then I just sit back and watch the flyers and go in to price match and get the difference back. It may not save money per say, but my time is money! I get all the same deal, with out having to fight the crowds. The Customer Service line is always way shorter before Christmas then the line ups at the cash register. Another bonus is I can reduce my bill with my children with me so they don’t see their toys πŸ™‚

  35. I have 2 girls so I have started buying “family” gifts – games, puzzles, last year the big gift was an art table, this year it’s a doll house. it doesn’t seem to them like they are getting less, but we were able to cut down on our buying.

  36. I start shopping for the following year as soon as Christmas is over. I always buy things on sale and have not and will not pay full price for any gifts.

  37. I buy gifts throughout the year and leave the few larger items till December. Kids minds change so often need to keep the larger items till last. Make a budget and STICK with it! I do all my own baking that saves a lot and the time spent with the kids is priceless.
    Last year Canadian Tire had a huge clearance event a week before Christmas and I got a huge cart full of gifts with a savings close to $300. I’m hoping they do this again!

  38. Check out Dollarama or The Dollar Tree for Xmas decorations and those little stocking stuffers for the little ones. I also do Swagbucks and I have just cashed in for another $5 GC with Superpoints. Since July I have cashed in for $55 in GCs. Gotta love that.

    ps: If you want in invite (you can only join by invite) you can contact me at [email protected].

    For those of you who joined and have quit spinning, they changed and now more points are handed out.

    Some of you have not completed your basic profile – you should do that and if you want add an avatar – pretty well anything will do. Have fun and good luck!!

  39. We shop for gifts year round that way if we catch something on sale we have it and are not paying full price for it (great for stocking stuffers) as well if your the one hosting a meal – request some items to be pot luck so it’s not financially all on the host.

  40. I don’t like to buy anything without saving some money. Once I told the clerk that the item I was buying was dirty and she gave me a $10.00 discount. She couldn’t find the price tag for another clothing item and I told her how much it was but she charged me $30.00 less as well. Don’t be afraid to let the store know if there is anything wrong with their product. They try to keep your business. πŸ™‚

  41. I save holiday gift bags from the previous year and reuse them. It’s a great way to save and not worry about spending the extra cash on them as the holiday approaches!

  42. If you are good at remembering, work on remembering prices so that you know whether or not you truly are getting a good deal. I find Costco to be a great place to pick up a wide variety of gift items. Just a little tip about Costco – when the price ends in .97, it is a further discounted price.

  43. Shopping online has been a great help, lots of great sales. A great place to order books for children at christmas is (free shipping over $35 currently). I got 16 books for$50. The chapters price total would have been just over $160. Sears outlet site is also a great source for deals.

  44. I shop for gifts (xmas and bday) year round during sales/using coupons and buy 2 sizes up from where the child is this year if buying clothes to get a bit of extra growing time

  45. I make my list of gifts and stick to it! It is so easy to go overboard. Watch for sale prices and I start my shopping early. I put things away when I find a great sale.

  46. Shopping online early can find you great gifts for your girlfriends – for example, last year I got one friend peacock feather earrings for $3 on ebay (as opposed to $15-20 in the store) and another friend a beautiful clutch for $5. It just takes a little idea and some hunting around.

  47. A few things we did last year were purchase gift certificates from places that gave a bonus gc or special back. Watched Groupon/teambuys and bought friends nights out with their families for about $20-$25. On my mom side we do a gift exvhange for the adults and a $1 gift game for fun. You can get alot of different things for a $1 if you try.

  48. If I see a deal in the fliers through out the year, not just around Christmas. ToysRUs quite often has great deals like buy 1 lego set get the other at 50% off which is great since Lego is so expensive. I also look on Kijiji for sets that are used and for other toys also! Helps keep cost down that is for sure!

  49. Much like most, I buy early! I find that no one really cares if something is out of style or came out a while ago….it’s all the same (especially in the eyes of 2 & 5 year olds!)!

  50. I start in January and put a few dollars aside everypay day. I keep this money and only use it for my christmas shopping. If I find a good deal on christmas presents early in the year, I have money to use and I do not go into debt. Any extra money I put into savings or put towards a bigger purchase so I do not have to owe anything at this time of the year!!!

  51. With xmas baking just around the corner watch for sales of nuts, chocolate, shortening etc and stock up.

    think about being part of a cookie exchange
    reuse wrapping paper and bows

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