Being Prepared for an Emergency

3 Oct

  After the big fire in St. Boniface a few nights ago, I really got to thinking about being ready for an emergency. We live a few minutes away, so weren’t facing evacuation. The ones that did have to evacuate though nearby  did so quickly, and a lot of them were on foot. Are you ready for something like that? I know we aren’t – I have the basics, first aid, water etc. in the basement but nothing really packed or ready to go. Events like this are always a good reminder to get organized, and figure out what your family would need in certain situations. With the fires burning right now around Vita, and all around the province it really brings it home. A good time to sit down as a family, maybe do a fire drill with the kids, test the smoke alarms, organize what you’d need – special medicine, stuff for the pets, paperwork etc.

What other things does your family do to prepare for an emergency? Do you have a plan for where to meet up, a certain person’s house you would go to in case you were split up?

Not trying to start a panic of course! 😉 Just one of those things that really gets you thinking, and great to get the kids involved and make them feel secure in the plans. So many fire drills, lockdowns etc. at the schools now that it’s easy to forget to discuss it further at home. What are your emergency plans? Any great tips anyone wants to share, or how to discuss it with children?

And a big thanks to Angie from Awinnipeggirl for the great photo!

3 Replies to “Being Prepared for an Emergency

  1. In my household being a dughter of a firefighter as kids we always discussed what to do if…
    With my kids once a months or so we go through how to get out, if they can’t get out and where they will wait for us. My oldest (7) is a worrier so he likes to go over the plans for ‘just in case’ be it I am not home for the school bus, someone enters our home, our house burns, the list goes on…

  2. We have done fire drills. And have water, first aid and food, but that’s about it.
    We have pictures of the house in a safety deposit box and pictures of family in our wallets.Never really thought about packing stuff ! Especially in the winter time !

  3. We have an emergency “go bag” by the door just in case, to get us through at least 72 hrs. Bars/water, emergency radio, batteries, cash, copies of important papers, flashlights, first aid kit, swiss army knife, toiletries, water purification tablets….and more. Maybe overkill, but I like to be prepared! 🙂

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