Back to school shopping!

9 Aug

Yes, I know it’s early to be thinking about back to school – but it’s already getting crazy out there!! 🙂 We finally got the list for our daughter’s supplies yesterday and went out to Staples last night to take a look. They couldn’t make it any easier, everything we needed was in bins right by the front door – in and out in a few minutes! 🙂 Prices were very reasonable – we popped into Walmart to look for headphones and it wasn’t as well organized and prices seemed very similar. It was a zoo in there!

So, where do you guys do your back to school shopping? Did you get a list to fill or do you just have to pay the school? What are some good tips for what to do and not do for back to school? We’ve ordered our Mabel’s Labels, found a cute backpack and time to start getting into a morning routine – ouch! What are your back to school favourite products too?

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  1. Got our back to school supplies done, since we’re moving in a few weeks, did not want to have to worry about that last minute rush! We had a list to fill; some things I had bought super cheap already last year when they sell off the back to school stuff after school starts. Superstore is great for awesome deals after school begins–great time to buy ahead and put aside for following years if you know what they’ll need!

  2. Were almost done – just a few odds and ends!!! Got them at Walmart. It was tuesday evening and it was crazy!!!

  3. I buy almost all my supplies for my classroom at Staples. Prices usually drop later in August. You can get money back if you purchase now and bring back your bill. I do that to make sure I get the quantity I need and the cheaper price later on. They have a rewards day for teachers too.

  4. I should have just wrote the cheque but we wanted to see if it was any cheaper doing it ourselves. Turns out it’s going to be the same price. So next year, I’ll just write the cheque. But we’ll be hitting up Staples this year for grade 1. We did Walmart for Kindergarden and had a hard time finding everything in one trip last year. Thanks for the tip on Staples Ruth.

    I was thinking about doing a Bento box instead of a lunch kit – anyone have any reviews on them from their school age kids?

    I think we can get another half a year out of the current back pack. So I’m not even going to go there.

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