Another coupon giveaway!

19 Jan

It’s cold outside – time to warm things up a bit with another coupon giveaway! 😉  Thanks to everyone who mails me their extras – helps me do a lot of these giveaways!

Easy to enter as always, post up a money saving tip, a joke, pretty much anything you want. One entry per household, open to all Canadians. It will end monday the 23rd at noon – and the reason for the length is this….for up to 99 people I’ll pick 1 winner, 100-149 I’ll pick 3 winners, 150-199 5 winners and I’ll adjust it if it goes higher! Good thing I picked up some extra stamps!

So, spread the word and Good Luck to everyone! 🙂

64 Replies to “Another coupon giveaway!

  1. Shop at Costco with a friend … then you can split the big packages of things so you don’t have to eat the same things for weeks and weeks in a row … lol 🙂

  2. Shop Kijiji before the mall or department stores. I always find deals on nearly new products, especially for my children.

  3. Another contest? Wow, you must really love us, Nadine! Maybe I’ll be lucky with this one!
    Good luck everyone, and stay warm!

  4. My girlfriends birthday is on February 29th so to throw her a big party with minimal cost, I’m using group buy deals to plan a day full of events…..for cheap.

  5. Don’t show your stock pile to your children who do not live at home. They will shop while they are doing their laundry with your soap.

  6. Combine coupons with sale prices and always purchase the smaller size, to make the most of your savings!!! Thank you Nadine!!!

  7. I only buy oats at Canadian Wholesale, 10kg bag for about $16

    I only buy flour at Costco, 20kg bag for about $13

    Both of those save me BIG, I have a home day care and do a lot of baking with my kids.

  8. Don’t buy it just because it’s a REALLY GREAT deal. How many deodorants can you really use? My mother always said “be careful not to save yourself into the poor house”

  9. If you collect Shoppers Optimum Points, buy a Shoppers Drug Mart gift card before you shop and then use it when you check out. You’ll get extra points!

  10. Common sense money saving:

    When natural fibre clothes or towels are past their useful life, cut them up and reuse them as rags, instead of paper towels. Wash them and reuse them for cleaninng.

    Don’t buy new when used will do. Shop at the local thrift store for clothing and common household items. GoodWill sometimes has dishes for stupid-cheap prices. Bowls, plates, cups…

    Reuse shoe boxes for storage. Label them. They`re the perfect size for so many things, and they stack beautifully.

  11. I have 2 tips to share! This week I went to Value Village on 50% off Monday…..scored like new clothes for my daughter, all Old Navy, the Gap, Sears, Nike and Childrens Place! Some still had the tags on. You have to hunt but she got 3 spring coats, jeans, shorts, sweats, 8 t-shirts, 3 sweaters for $34! No one would know these clothes have been wore!
    My second tip… save on honey…buy direct from the bee keeper. I buy all my honey from Grysiuk Queen Bee Honey in Wpg, amazing flavors and regular creamed and liquid at great prices. You can order from Alison at [email protected].

  12. My tip for people just starting to coupon . . . start small, it can be overwhelming, but you will get great savings in the end!

  13. My tips for buying online:
    1. google to see if there are active coupon codes available
    2. purchase through the aeroplan or airmiles website to gain additional points (sometimes these websites have additional savings for you too)
    3. can purchase different store giftcards at a discount through for stores you know you will buy from – I find lots of cards for indigo/chapters this way for our online book purchases
    4. combine with friends/family to accumulate purchases so you can get free shipping
    5. offers great products at great prices with shipping included in price (you can buy from them even without a membership).
    Happy shopping!

  14. I check flyers regularly and go to different stores to save money but in the end not sure about saving when you add up the gas and time used

  15. Buy local when you can – meats, grains, honey – great savings there! Also, shop with the seasons – prodice is cheaper when it is in season. Buy frozen fruits and veggies when they are not in season.

  16. Make sure you know how the scanning code of practice works. I had a cashier that started giving me attitude yesterday after 2 items came in as the wrong price and I tried using scop. He tried telling me cause there wasn’t a tag under the item only a big sign above that said the price it doesn’t apply. Landed up going to customer service and getting it straighten out.

  17. I really try to maximize my shoppers trips. I keep in mind regular prized items are more than Walmart so I buy sale, clearance, coupon and items only avail there.

  18. don’t shy away from trying one of the social deal sites, like wag jag or groupon, sometimes there are deals for things you would normally use or ways to save on special getwaways, etc.

  19. Check your receipts before you leave the store. I had grabbed a jug of laundry soap that I thought was on sale, saved $11 by switching it to the sale jug.

  20. When in doubt about a store’s coupon policy don’t be afraid to check with customer service before using the coupon. It can save a lot of hassle at checkout.

  21. Be sure to put what you saved with coupons into a seperate bank account somewhere and come the end of the year it will truely show what you have saved with coupons and such.

  22. cut down on your shopping trips to the grocery store…there is not such thing as going into a store for just one item, they seem to multiply in a hurry!!!

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