Advent calendar adventure :)

30 Nov

For the entire month of December I will be taking you guys along with us on our Advent calendar adventure. 🙂

Since none of us needed too much for Christmas this year, we decided a fun part of our gifts to each other would be a bunch of fun Advent calendars.

Everyday I will open them and post what we got on instagram and Facebook, and once a week I’ll post a nice roundup on here with everything that we got.

I was really fun hoping to find more local ones, but I didn’t have great luck with that so the ones we did get were – A Crystal one from Jacob’s trading, a jam one from Bonne Maman, a cheese one from Costco, a guinea pig one, a dog one and of course I had to get a chocolate one so I got an After eight one.

Some of them have information about what’s inside on the back, but I have completely avoided reading that so that I’ll be surprised too.

All of them are 24 days except for the dog one which is 12 days.

I will be keeping my eye out for more 12 days of Christmas type ones and maybe I’ll add more later in the month. And if you see any I should try out, make sure to let me know.

None of this is sponsored, it’s just for fun and I will give my honest opinion on all of them, good or bad.

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