A return to Ikea Winnipeg – the store is open again!!

19 May

I know a lot of people have been waiting for Ikea to reopen.

There were lots of delays on deliveries, and click and collect just never really seemed to get off the ground properly when the store was closed, so a lot of people have long lists for Ikea!

They have reopened on Tuesday May 19th at 10 a.m., and the lineups weren’t as long as you would imagine for Winnipeg. Normally people will go very early to line up here, but it was more of a pick up around 9:30 and kept growing. Around 100 to 150 people in line at 930, which is not bad for any store right now. The line really kept growing as it got closer to opening, but still very well spaced out.

The store is set up for social distancing and they will be limiting the amount of people in the store at one time. They will be sanitizing carts and high-touch areas frequently, as well as supplying hand sanitizer.

Employees are wearing face masks. Smaaland is closed of course, no restaurant right now either. There is a separate line up for returns also.

They are only allowing a thousand people in the store at one time also.

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