5 Ways New Residential Windows Will Save You Money

5 Jun
Are you thinking about installing new residential windows in Winnipeg this year?
If so, it helps to know how those new windows will do more than improve the curb appeal of your home. Here are a few of the ways they will save you money from the moment the installation is complete.
Less Energy Needed to Heat and Cool Your Home
The double-paned design of modern windows, complete with argon or a similar glass between
those panes, functions as an excellent insulator. You’ll find that those new Winnipeg windows do a much
better job of preventing the transference of heat and cold into the home. Thanks to that quality, it
takes less energy to heat or cool the interior.
When your new windows are coupled with excellent insulation in other parts of the house, you’ll
notice the difference immediately. There are fewer hot or cold spots throughout the house.
Sitting near a window doesn’t mean dealing with a significantly higher or lower temperature
compared to sitting in other areas of the house. When the utility bills arrive, you’ll see a
difference in energy consumption and the corresponding lower cost. Over the course of a year,
you stand to save a reasonable amount of money on the energy bills alone.
Save On Heating and Cooling System Repairs
Since your heating and cooling systems run less often, they are less likely to need repairs. You’ll
still want to perform the usual routine maintenance, but the lower rate of wear and tear on the
system components means replacing parts will be less frequent. Over the life of the heating and
cooling system, you can expect to spend a lot less for upkeep in general.
Extend the Life of Your Heating and Cooling Unit
Along with needing fewer repairs, installing new windows in Winnipeg will also extend the life
of your heating and cooling unit. Since it doesn’t have to work as hard to control the indoor
temperature, the system is likely to provide more years of service. That’s good news, since it
means you have more time to set aside funds for the replacement. In the meantime, every
additional year of service means more money that gets to stay in your pocket.
Blocked UV Rays Means Less Upholstery Fading
One thing that many people don’t know about the glass used in modern residential windows is
that it blocks more of the ultraviolet rays than older window glass. Depending on the glass used
for those new windows, up to 85% of the UV rays may be blocked.
What that means is the sunlight streaming through your windows is less likely to fade furniture
upholstery. The colours will remain true for more years, so you won’t need to replace those pieces or have them re-upholstered by a local Winnipeg furniture expert. Think of how much you
save in replacement or repair costs while you get to live with the same furnishings for several
more years.
No Structural Damage From Leaks Around Window Frames
Older windows that no longer fit snugly can allow small amounts of moisture to seep inside.
That can lead to structural damage around the windows opening proper. Anyone who has ever
had to replace the framing around a window can attest that the expense is significant.
New windows seal those openings and prevent this type of seepage. The result is that you are
less likely to experience any structural problems around the windows. The money that you would
spend on making repairs can be allocated for other purposes, like a family vacation.
A contractor can provide more information about how new windows for your Winnipeg home
will directly and indirectly save money. Listen closely to each of those cost savings and consider
what it would mean for you and your family. Couple those savings with the increased level of
comfort, reduction of noise inside the home, and other key benefits, and you will see why new
residential windows are one of the best investments you could make.

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