10% off day at Safeway and Sobey’s

6 Aug

Today is a great day to shop for essentials that rarely go on sale, since you get 10% off at Safeway and Sobey’s.

It’s also a good day to check out the sales and clearance sections, the extra discount on top makes a huge difference. Also good day to use up a lot of coupons, especially your full price ones! 🙂

It can be quite a bit of savings at the end, on things you’d already be buying anyway. I always try to plan out some larger shops for the bonus days, and also really look for the big deals – it’s a perfect day to stock up when you find a big sale.

What are your favourite things to buy on 10% off day? Is there a certain location of Safeway or Sobey’s you find has better clearance?

3 Replies to “10% off day at Safeway and Sobey’s

  1. Just back from my sobeys 10% shop my subtotal before coupons and 10% discount was $100.71 so I got $10.07 off with the 10% used a bucketful of coupons and paid just under $54. Just filled out a mail in rebate for pedigree dog food (to donate as I don’t have a dog!) and will get the $8.50 back on that (so $54 – $8.50 = $45.50 oop ) I didn’t take advantage of any of the checkout51 rebates because I forgot!! had my two littles with me so I was a bit off my game 🙂 good luck to everyone else as they shop.

    • Wow! Great shop!! I think I’ll be going later today to get the buy 3 breakfast cookies get free milk at safeway with a few other groceries…makes it only $8.10 for the cookies and milk after discount 🙂

  2. hmmm yes I saw that deal too and may do it this evening and use the save $1 wub 2 belvita coupons A good deal for food/treats for me this week is at shoppers with their printable email coupon that they sent me for 50c off 4L milk and spend $40 get 8000pts.

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