Where do leftover Costco goods go in Winnipeg?

16 Mar


If you missed a certain item while it was at Costco, or you’re just looking to score some big deals – you have a lot of options in Winnipeg!

Make sure to check with them for updated hours.

There are 3 stores in the city that sell Costco branded items at huge discounts! I went and checked out all 3, and was really impressed at all of them.

The first one is Surplus Direct at 843 Main St. This one carries a lot of really nice furniture, a whole room of mattresses, room of appliances, lots of toys, books and random items you’ll have seen at Costco. There’s 2 floors of items, we saw bikes, lawn furniture – it’s a really huge variety.

The next one is also Surplus Direct but it’s at 1244 Main st. This one carries only clothing and accessories. Well organized and clean on racks and easy to find what you want. Really great prices on clothing you’ll recognize from Costco. It’s always changing as for stock, so somewhere to pop in and check out for sure.

Last one is Excess Clothing at 461 St. Anne’s Rd. Really nice store and well organized and clean – more like a little boutique. Adult clothing is 50% off except for outerwear (30%) and kids clothing is 30% off the tagged price from Costco. They also have clearance items that might have a little damage or missing something at super low prices.

I found all three stores really easy to get to, parking right in front and quickly in and out. They all accept all major forms of payment too. Way more organized than I was expecting – just make sure to know your prices as I did see a few items that were actually more than I remember them being at Costco at one of them. Not many, most were low in comparison, but a few things I had bought and remembered the exact price.

Also, you don’t need a membership to shop at these locations!

If you’re looking for the Unadvertised Deals at Costco – here’s the link on my Winnipeg Blog!

And check this post out if you’re interested in Costco Delivery in Winnipeg!

32 Replies to “Where do leftover Costco goods go in Winnipeg?

  1. There is also North point outlet – on Henderson hwy. Very neat inside. Sells Costco clothing as well. 188 Henderson Hwy. not sure of hours.

    • Not sure where they are in other cities – it can be a bit hard to find. There has to be some for sure though, good luck! πŸ™‚

  2. I’ve been shopping at Excess Clothing now for quite a while. I have many pairs of good looking pants for $10 each. Best deal in Winnipeg.

    • I know my sister goes to Costco auctions in Saskatoon I think the call thm PBR auctions. I think they run on Mondays. Ive seen her get pallets of strawberries for $3 (thats several baskets) Infrared heaters for 20. Ceramic tile and flooring…. just have to go every week.

  3. I thought there was another store on Henderson highway as well that sold Costco merchandise? I personally have never been but have had a number of people tell me about the store. It’s very close to Henderson and Hespeler, on the east side of Henderson. Might be worth checking out!

  4. When I visit my family (I live in Calgary) I always check out Surplus Direct. I don’t know of a similar store in Calgary but there should be one.

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