What kind of deals can you get on Markdown Monday at Costco?

16 Apr

Here is my entire purchase today at Costco – to keep things honest with my markdowns and regular deals, I’m letting you see it all! I stock up a lot when I find a good deal, so some week I just need our basics (milk, eggs, butter etc.)

So, let me break it down then:

  • Coffee cream x 2 – $1.99 each
  • Milk – $4.58
  • Butter $3.95
  • Bananas $1.99
  • The salt and pepper mills are markdown deals – I needed to buy salt anyway and didn’t have a grinder, so this was a huge savings for us at $12.97
  • Eggs $6.99
  • Rye bread pack $5.49
  • Roots swimsuit on markdown $12.97 – great deal and kids always need more bathing suits! If you have little ones, always worth picking up their next sizes too.
  • Ladies Kirkland brand trench coats – $10.97 each. I bought two, since it’s such a good deal. 2 sizes.

Entire purchase, with taxes was $81.08!

Pretty unbelievable, considering if you went to the mall to buy 2 spring coats you’d spend around that amount, if not more. It’s a good idea to be prepared to stock up on markdown mondays too – if your kids are babies or toddlers, you can score deals good for years. Just keep it organized at home.

Love having spare backpacks, binder, lunch bags etc. bought on markdown for mine, I just keep them in bins.

Same with if you find a great deal on shoes – that’s one of my all time fave markdown monday finds, shoes for $6.97 a long time ago. They came in half sizes, so I bought all the ones I could for kiddo for years! It’s great when they outgrow something that you just can just pull out the next size, and not run out and try to find a replacement.

So, let me know what you found, and what your best deals have been!

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